Stormzy – Glastonbury 2017


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5 days ago


Jorja Smith Ft. Stormzy - ‘Let Me Down’

Out now ❤️🌹
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Chainsmoker don't let me down is better

This man is not appreciated enough 😍🙏 he is unbelievable and the work he does is outstanding so so so much love for you big Mike carry on killing the game my brudda 💗😘

Xeanthea Dy listen ASAP THX

Britt Vos Nog niet geluisterd maar dit moet fantastisch zijn

Can't wait to hear it

Yay or nay? Chauntae Fiu

I think they are both amazing artists I'm a big fan of both of them, they're definately the best on the UK scene....... but........I was not as gassed about this tune as I expected to be, 7/10, they've both done better work

Man like stromzy I can't lie u made with bars😇👊👌

What is this pop music, what happened to grime stormz

de har vidst hældt lidt for meget fløde i den her Cecilie Tannebæk Nielsen

Riina what is dis magic

Love the song .. downloaded it yesterday 👌🏼💗

Ella Holder you might like this

Rosie Sargente ❤❤❤❤❤ goosey bs xxx

Wow.. Beautiful:)

Yessss...found a name twin 😍😂

Keiran Murphy Braydon Fleming gotta find the full version and listen to it! 🔥🔥

Love this x


Cole Yeomans try find this i dang find it

Noa wenen


Jordan Edmond what a collab 😍😍

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1 week ago



The 2nd Annual #MERKY Festival - 2 Days - 2nd & 3rd July 2018 at Ibiza Rocks Hotel...

Tickets go on sale this Thursday at 12PM. Don’t miss out, last year was a flipping movie - 🎉☀️🍹
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if you book the hotel, does the ticket come in the price?

Billy im going there this year trust me and laruen she has booked our tickets miggt stay in that hotel aswell x

Jorge Hofmann tu hombre la liara fuerte en ibiza ... puede ser una buena e bro?? Hay q ir pensando cositas para este año ... nos lo merecemos

Leilani Te Rae tb when he came here he's awesome live 😩😍

Ollie Ellis Jamie Welbourn Brandon Cotterill this is that hotel in Ibiza that you lot don’t wanna go to!!!

Kelly Rawlinson Zoe Hughes Clare Roberts maybe this next year if it's a different weekend lol brogan bday on 2nd July so couldn't go then lol

Zoe Harvey omfg I need to there.... we gotta go? 😍😍😍😍😰

Susan If u ever need a wee 3 day break I’ll watch ya house & ya son for ya x if u return the favour 😃😃😂 xx

Sooo the other day I had a dream we (Savannah Harris Rosie Jane Kelly + your mates Heather Munro Cathy Warren KatyEve Munro ) went on holiday with krept and konan 😂 now we can 😂 can we pleaseee go?!?!x😍🌞🍹🏝👙🍉✈️

I will literally do anything you want Natalie Evison Alleasha Curtin please can we go

Cody Tomlinson Ron Kooly Keys Benjamin Hunter Dreaden Bryan Bailey lets book here for bachelor party? It’s in Ibiza and we finally have an excuse. We can party with Stormzy also #ibiza

Samantha Louise Steffie Louise should we it’s not even that expensive? Have a look on the link and if you book hotel tickets come with! X

Aleks & Mahad up for round two? Let’s maybe not get mopeds this time 😂

Steve Keeley Nathan Thomas Dwaine Matthewman can we go or shall I say, can I come with yous on these days 🤣

Jake - quick stop off on the way to UsA?

Cristal Leanne why am I drawn to this.....?! 😂 176 pound for 3 nights and return flights 70 odd pound 😬 xx

Jake Patrick I know you’ve seen but just reminding u how mad this is gonna be

Steve, Mike how good does this look ... anyone want another holiday 😂😂🤣🤣 I wish!! X

Stacie Rankin every time I watch this gives me tingles we r going!!xx

Blanie Thomas omg omg omg omg omg can we please go in July!!!!!!!!

Ashling O Brien trip over to Ibiza won’t hurt, we’re only a boat trip away after all 😏😏😏

Alex Williams remember when we parked right out front of this joint? Haha

Ella Mai we could do this for ur bday 😜😜😜

Tina Movassagh that instead of Amsterdam any day?

Brynn Pearce incase you wasn’t hyped enough 😂 watched it so many times 😂

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