Seasick Steve at Nozstock 2017

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2 months ago

Seasick Steve

thanks for the amazin' year and hope to see y'all next year
from steve and dan (photo credit: neil stewart)
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thanks for the amazin year and hope to see yall next year
from steve and dan (photo credit: neil stewart)


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You were incredible at Bordeaux. Thank you so much for your kindness with us and specialy with my daughter Lou who was so happy to meet you after the show (and me too !). So thank YOU Steve and Dan

Steve and Dan. Seen you twice in Bristol You boys are amazing. Steve ask me up on the stage next time for Walking Man. I am 67 and can still rock x

Dear Steve and Dan! Me, my wife and daughter, who is 6, are enjoying wathing your shows in record. Hope to see you both live in St. Petersburg, Russia! ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️

Thank you Steve and Dan. Hope to see you in Finland or nearby soon so that I can bring my son also to hear you live !

Great gig in London then damn it if you don't turn up at a little festival in Herefordshire Keep on keeping on

Thanks for Kelvingrove bandstand. A great night in the company of 2 great musicians.

West Coast Tour is needed! Specifically San Diego.

Thank you dude for the music, you are awesome x

No. Thank you too you, come and see us again in Cornwall. Thanks.

Thanks for Perranporth man, you rocked the beach!

Thanks and i hope see You a next time in Marseille

Thanks for your second visit to KENDAL calling. You and the Beach boys on one weekend! Wow!

Thanx for the awesome show in Erfurt Germany. I hope we see us soon

Usher Hall, Edinburgh, first class show guys.👍👍

Yes back to sheffield please

Hope you come back to Manchester, UK Steve, had a great night, your support band was good as well👍🏼

Come back to liverpool or Manchester next year Steve and dan

Here’s to hoping you rock up in the uk 🇬🇧 next xxxx love you guys ❤️😘 loved seeing you

Hans!! Hij zegt 'tot volgend jaar' whaaa 🎉🎸🎶🎤🎵🥁

Seen you twice in the last year. It never gets old. Keep doing what you do Steve

Enjoyed Manchester show, fantastic.

Enjoyed the gigs I saw you at. Already looking forward to next year.

Well done guys! The next time I see you will be my 10th Seasick gig! 🙂

Awesome Night in Edinburgh Man 🙂

Colorado please, for my boys, Peace, and thank you

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3 months ago

Seasick Steve

From Steve: "this is one of my favorite songs i love this performance and just wanted to share it again with you all"
From Later with Jools Holland with John Paul Jones Official
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From Steve: this is one of my favorite songs  i love this performance  and just wanted to share it again with you all 
From Later with Jools Holland with John Paul Jones Official


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Never forget when you had John Paul Jones join you at V Festival Weston Park a few years back, great set.

This performance was my introduction to you. Dunno what rock I've been hiding under.

Can you put the clip from this New Years with Jools Holland with the lady doing the clog dancing ! It was fantastic ! ! !

JPJ is the ultimate unsung hero.

Come Jamming one day....

Please play alongside lisa canny seasick steve

Seasick Steve and JPJ at Hardly Stricly was special. Best performance of the festival.

Steve you were fantastic at carfest 2016 and 2017 ! X

Come to Ohio please I love your music is very touching

Lucky to be able to perform with great talent ! Diddley bo got you long ways

What an amazing, talented humble man

Koko Lorez, weisst wer das ist an der Mandoline? Egal, klasse ist es allemal

Ah Mel remember this sooo well at the roundhouse ..fantastic jamming sesh! X

Or there's always "I started out with nothing - and I've still got most of it left ..."

I love your music, I also play the blues myself

I watch this video at least once a week.

When you get back to the states consider playing Savannah GA we'd love to have ya

I just wished he would come to the states would love to see him perform.

We are in South Africa playing Seasick Boogie and a Giraffe peered over the tree so we gave named him after you x

One of my favourites too. Hadn't seen this rendition but enjoyed the album one just as much.

That was some shit hot stuff right there steve,I remember it well was awesome

JPJ for the win! Nice work.

<3 Love from France Steve

You the dawggggg🐶

I like Seastick Steve

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3 days ago

Nozstock The Hidden Valley

Snow is falling...all around us. X ... See MoreSee Less


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Chickens playing..having fun !!!

We need a winter Nozstock! Snozstock anyone?


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