PINS at Bearded Theory 2018 – photos

High on our list of bands with potential it’s PINS…A great Bearded Theory choice…

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3 weeks ago


Tonight we DJ at YES in the bar from 6pm - send your requests 😘 ... See MoreSee Less

Tonight we DJ at YES in the bar from 6pm - send your requests 😘


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HM - Monkey in the family ;)


Oh no, I was considering staying in Mcr tonight but have made other plans now! 😕 I will be playing some PINS when I DJ tomorrow eve though.

Dance On by Special K pls x

1 month ago


Tomorrow is our final show with The Slow Readers Club and also our last show of 2018 - Let's have it! 💪💪💪 thanks for all the support we love you we love you we love you 🥰🥰🥰 photo's by James Sutton ... See MoreSee Less

Tomorrow is our final show with The Slow Readers Club and also our last show of 2018 - Lets have it! 💪💪💪 thanks for all the support we love you we love you we love you 🥰🥰🥰 photos by James SuttonImage attachmentImage attachment


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Absolutely loved you ladies in Glasgow and you were equally as awesome in Manchester... will definitely be coming to see you in the new year. P.s do you have the signed vinyl I bought in Glasgow by any chance.

Superb set last night - loved it!

One from Friday. (Not sure of song title?)

You were superb last night. Great show. From. A convert.

Totally agree with the 3 comments above ,, superb set and brilliantly performed in Manchester last night.

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our Saturday night headliner's ... The Cult!

limited tickets available here > 🎟️The rock classic, recorded at Olympic studios in Barnes and produced by Steve Brown. This was recorded and released as a stand-alone single but it was includ...
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Just a little info to let all you bearded fans know that Thornbridge brewery will not be at anymore events at catton and there beer will not be on sale either

Love the Cult , hate this song !,

I’m proper giddy about this one

Beth Johnson, what do you guys think??

Lisa Godfrey x

Frank Cronin brought me to see The Cult a few years ago and I fell in love! 😊

Wow can't wait

I loved (southern death cult) and The Cult,but,Slow Readers Club and Idlewild will be getting my vote.


Stop everything! What am I going to have for breakfast with no Jaipur??

^V^ ... ☠🖤🖤🖤... Can't wait! ... 🖤🖤🖤☠ ... ^V^

Aaron Ashley Joe 😱

Dawn 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Just perfect.

Andy Mitch Meldrew Mitchell

Steve Clarke 😂

Nick Lowe, Norman Perry see ya there 💃🏼

First band I ever saw live late 80s

Melissa Tharm

FlissMorris.i take it your going to this.

Colin Shaw Vicki Scott Shaw see you there!!!

Matt Bes

Huw Cross

Can't wait now

Bogdan Lazarev

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4 weeks ago

Bearded Theory's Spring Gathering


We are delighted to announce our Saturday and Sunday night headliners are none other than The Cult & Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul both acts will join us at Catton Hall next Spring!

We are also pleased to welcome, after a lengthy hiatus indie rockers Doves will play the Pallet on Saturday and Devonshire folk/pop trio, Wildwood Kin will be joining us in the Woodland. More acts to be announced in the new year!

Merry Christmas 🎅 x

tickets >
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When do day tickeys come out... Anyone know????

Wow! That is a brilliant line up Cult,Editors, Doves couldn’t be happier 😄😄

Happy with this and also pulled apart by horses according to website


excellent the Cult will be great, all we need now is half man half biscuit... and of course Judas Johnson on the showcase and that will perfect....

The cult has made my Christmas

Does anybody know if they do day tickets for this? Would love to see The Cult!

Fancy dress sorted- let it be Ian Astbury style

Are Doves definitely on Saturday?? Says they are subbing Sunday on your website?? Hoping for the latter so no Idlewild/Slow Readers clash!

I can't wait one of our favourite tunes, it was brilliant when the Dr sang it!! Xxx

Doves Doves Doves Doves, plus Little Steven. AND Editors. Best line up ever.

Bloody Nora........Santa’s come early steve!!!!!

I shall admit that Little Steven and the Doves had both passed me by....................... but given a quick spin of an album of each and I am now very excited to see them both. Cracking line up as always Bearded Theory's Spring Gathering :-)

Cool 😎 so looking forward to a fab weekend 😊

Cult and Doves.....very happy with both. Really like what I’ve heard by Wildwoodkin also so be good to see them live (they clashed at last festival I was hoping to see them at...fingers crossed this time round!) love The Boss and thus Little Steven by proxy but little ashamed to say I’ve not listened to much by the DOS...looking forward to doing so tho 😃

DOVES!!! always wanted to see them, now i will! and throw in The Cult 😀- will now start looking up Wildwood Kin and Little Steven.

Woop woop happy Xmas right back at you, you lovely people 🎄🎄🎄

The Cult! Brilliant. (I can wait for GN till next year lol) Thank you BT xxx

I'm hoping for record company after seeing them on Jools last night

Well, I wasn't expecting that!! The Cult and The Wildhearts, now that's sounding pretty damn good.

Doves are fabulous live... the best sound, need to be seen 🤙

The Cult we have a lot of people happy x

Every year you come up with the Goods....The of my all times fave's. ..Fan-bloody-tastic. Glad we got the tickets early.

Just keeps getting better,merry Christmas.


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