Loyle Carner – Glastonbury Festival 2017

Get used to his face and get used to his voice. Because you are going to be seeing and hearing a lot more from the hugely talented and charismatic Loyle Carner over many years to come. This Croydon boy has been doing the circuit for the last four years or so and he’s now on an escape volocity trajectory and ready to go stratospheric.

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1 month ago

Loyle Carner

Yes Australia 🇦🇺 over the moon to be coming back next year! Tickets for Syd & Mel headline shows are live - www.loylecarner.com/live ... See MoreSee Less

Yes Australia 🇦🇺 over the moon to be coming back next year! Tickets for Syd & Mel headline shows are live - www.loylecarner.com/live


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Sorry to sidetrack, Ben, but I couldn’t help noticing that your pooch has a really huge head! Glad to see you’re doing so flipping amazingly!! Well done.

Any chance of a side show in New Zealand

You were so good in Brisbane this year...please come back!

Alex Burtenshaw he needs to come to new zealand too 😯

Hayley Brooks get and see him while he's in your neck of the woods 🤙

Piper Guihot yo check him out. he's da bomb. you should go & see him 😃✌

Harry Mohr are you still in Sydney when he's having his concert ?

James James go see this guy if you're able! He's seriously amazing!! ☺ xx

We are going this time Brody Leitch

Luc Modde smh he comes when were at lost

Molly Harris lets just pay for loads of trips over east

Liam Olynyk immmm so fkkklknn n. Exxcitteeddddddddd

Was there a little show at The Meat Market?

Callum Male just in time for your arrival, poss same flight over 😏😏😏

Tom Bigg-wither the day after I start the gap year smfh

Are you ever coming to Mexico City?

Ty ma boy's coming down!

Lisa si tu veux essayer c'est vraiment cool je suis allé le coir en france cette été pour mon anniv 😉

Natasha Niven got to this with the Gav. PC recommendation x

Wayne - good show if you get the chance

Russell Cook skip everywhere and get to Melbourne for this haha

Joseph Costa bs how he's not coming to Perth

Louis Bosch can't miss it this time

Jess major contemplation, cos Billie two days after as well

Brighid McMahon fly to Sydney babes we are going to this!

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1 month ago

Loyle Carner

Gutted to say I've had to pull out of Sounds Like Friday Night and Soccer AM this weekend due to illness. ... See MoreSee Less


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Jack we were lucky to see him in Paris, he fully keeps dipping out of shows and stuff😭

Get well soon!!! Just listen to Movie by Tom Misch, best medicine ever. xx

It’s only Wednesday man up

Hope u feel better soon, people want cha. Lol xxx

So disappointed for you. Get well soon.

Hope you are feeling better soon... Take care.. x

Feel better

Get well soon x

Get well soon bro

Hope you feel better soon buddy x

Get well soon!💪🏼

Get well soon 🍒🎶🎵

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