Liam Gallahgher – Glastonbury 2017


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Liam Gallagher

Show The Love The Climate Coalition ... See MoreSee Less

The Climate Coalition - Show The Love


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I was waiting for him to say "Fuck that shit and burn car tires" or for the snowman to light up a doobie.

Too much sunsheeeeeiiiinnnneee??

Liam Gallagher speaks about climate change in decent and polite English Now I’ve seen everything

You could write a song about climate change with a speech in French talking about carbon monoxide 🙂

Would love to see the video on liam recording it, bet it took 30 takes before he managed to finish a sentence with out “fuck” in it

Mikey Ewen I think we have found a Dave Angel for the 21st century. “Old Mother Earth, shes heating up”

I was waiting for the punchline...

Best accent in the world!

Liam's Voice - can't wrong - Love that Voice ! As You Were

They’ve missed out not having him end it with “do you know what I mean”

Emma Maisey what a guy! (never heard him speaking so clearly😂)

Fucking hell LG your turning into your brother...

Ferry rather than carbon pumping planes to overseas gigs for you from now on then lad x 🚣 🛳🚢

Wrap up cold when it's warm outside!

He’s becoming a bit more like Bono so that Noel will love him again 💖

Liam just world keeping from the gold one

Aiden Mortimer hahahaha get on this son

And who the fu** are Man United Dan Rozee

Poppy Clemson Not something I'd expect Liam to do 😂 cool though

Grace Stoner I want him to read my a bedtime story

Adrián Flaño JAJAJAJAJAJAJA this is too good

What a beautiful voice!!! Love your voice❤️ Love you❤️



your voice is so beautiful

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3 days ago

Liam Gallagher

AS YOU WERE. Limited edition deluxe boxset: ... See MoreSee Less

Liam Gallagher - As You Were Deluxe Boxset


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Got this the day it came out! Love it! Beautifully made. You owned the stage last night in Birmingham, up there with the best gigs I’ve seen. As You Were legend x

Does anyone know if tomorrows gig in Brum is still on? I'm hoping the snow won't affect it?

Are you included also in the boxset?😉❤

I got it the day it was released! 😀💖 living legend!

Cracking album. Deluxe box set is class. Keep it up fella 🖒

OMG I WANT THIS. I have no record player but I STILL need this. It's lush, all those pictures 👌❤❤❤

Amazing album! Get yer ass to Vancouver 😜 🇨🇦 🤘🏽

come back to Leeds :'( :'(

Nice to see what’s inside. Mines still sealed with the collection

Jess Cater remember the ghibli hat xmas present.... (hint)

Been trying to get one since the album came out. Always on back order

Why are you pretending to be Liam Gallagher?

Belter of an album. Well done to the Main Man Liam x

Who even has a record player ffs

Ordered 2 on 28th October. Still waiting for.

Liam how is the music man this is just full of love


Love it, but can’t be that limited if it’s still available? Lol

I have it already and love it!

Kayley Pollock this is the boxset we were trying to figure out 😂

Gail Worgan-Burton wouldn’t of minded this for Christmas lol x

Darren O'Toole gotta have it!! (Kidding)

Paul Ambridge get this on your santa list

Aldhfkfmevsldnavidadhdldldhseacercajdkxlfñfregaloperfectokahslslchf Kako Garcia

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