Kiefer Sutherland – Glastonbury Festival 2017

The thing is, it’s really tough for an A-list actor to be taken seriously when they branch into music. But you know what – Kiefer Sutherland pulls it off with aplomb. His down-to-earth Americana is a self-written collection of stories of love, loss and booze…lots of boooze. And he has ten gallons of stage craft to make the live performance come to life.


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1 week ago

Kiefer Sutherland

Studio time with Jude Cole! ... See MoreSee Less

Studio time with Jude Cole!


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I am so looking forward to the new tour and the new album. The tour this year was fabulous. Make sure you come to see us again in the UK. Can't wait for the new cd. The last one was great. I play it every day. Some of the songs from the forthcoming cd that you sang on the tour are brilliant. Come over soon Kiefer. We love you in the UK. xx

A msg for your dad. He is so NOT ugly. He's tall (you guys differ in height!), loved the cowboy movie you did together. He has a very unique face which is what is great about him. Shows his Canadian "look". He's a big tall strapping lad, you tell him he should not go around saying bad things about himself. He's one of the finest Canadian actors we have,... aside from you. Love 'Survivor', great show, your 'wife' is pretty. Reminds us of Olivia Wilde but we know it's not her, this gal is even prettier. Hope the show lasts. Watching last episode this week. WISH our real president was like THAT guy, we have such a nerd,... your dad would be a good president but he's foreign, cannot do it, probably not at 82 either. Hope he's like Eastwood, lives to be old old older and does more films. We love you guys, you tell him that for Chrsitmas. Kind of apalled he put himself down like that. He's always been a favorite. If I had not seen a movie and saw his name in the credits I always knew it was going to be a good one and would watch. Never disappointed. By either one of you. Tell him that for Xmas. Kerry G.

I'm so looking forward to your new album, Kiefer. That's some super awesome studio equipment, impressive mixer. Merry Christmas to you and your family Kiefer and a blessed New Year!

Sounds like the Portland’s are a go!! Yahoo! I hope you will stay in T.O.! I loved doing BG on your set.

Can’t wait for the new record! ❤️😻🎶🎶🎸and tour!!!

I’m sure it’s Jude new album to add more songs maybe Kiefer is backup vocals Jude Cole

Two of my favorite human beings in the entire world 🙌🏼

Good things are gonna happen here!!!!!

Did you also play on Jude’s new album, Kiefer? a pretty cool collaboration of two talented men 🎶🎸🧡🎸🎶

Making great music! I can't wait for the new CD.

...while on break from acting president... #JamStudioTime!

Two of my favorite guys making great music together! 🎶🎸🎶

Come back to Chicago!!!

I love you. Keep making the music. And come to Las Vegas so I can see you.

Oh to be a fly on that wall! My 2 faves.

Awesome picture! Can’t wait to hear the new songs.

Can't wait to hear the finished product!

Oh wow!!! I love both of you guys!!! Hope the collaboration is magical!!!

Hello Kiefer! Have you ever considered playing The Heritage in Ardmore, Oklahoma?

Can't wait for the next album. Hope to see you on tour again soon 🤘🎤🎸

Saw your dad yesterday in London. Still looks solo good xx

can't wait for the new album from two greats! please come back to Markham Kiefer

Kiefer, we will be hosting a fundraiser with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Navy SEAL Foundation next spring, for details & if you're interested and/or available in performing, please provide your rider sheet by contacting Gregory Harrison at Thank you.

eeeish mr multi talented big up back here we dont call u keifer bt Bauer all the best

Two great talents!

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2 weeks ago

Kiefer Sutherland

It is with great pride and joy that I help to present to you Jude Cole’s new EP In Plain Sight. As you will find, if you check it out, these 5 songs are diverse, thoughtful and rich, both musically and lyrically. I have known Jude Cole as a friend and an artist for decades. His talent and skill is awe inspiring to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. All my best, Kiefer

In Plain Sight:
... See MoreSee Less

It is with great pride and joy that I help to present to you Jude Cole’s new EP In Plain Sight. As you will find, if you check it out, these 5 songs are diverse, thoughtful and rich, both musically and lyrically. I have known Jude Cole as a friend and an artist for decades. His talent and skill is awe inspiring to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. All my best, Kiefer

In Plain Sight:


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I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville. The first thing I asked was if you were still friends with Jude Cole and your eyes lit up! So glad we got to talk about music and so glad that Jude is blessing us with new music!! I recall saying to you that I hoped you would ask him to do it! Hope we get to meet again one day, Kiefer. It was a pleasure I'll never forget. And keep on making music, yourself! Your collective talents would make any man thrilled with life. Peace and love to you and yours this Holiday Season. Tim

That is SO weird. We were listening to songs from Jude Cole’s A View From 3rd Street this morning on the way to work and I said to my hubby, wonder what he’s doing now? 😃

Hi Keifer, love ya! 🙂 Music, acting talent, personality, etc.! 😀 I met you at a house party in TO wayyyyyy back and we were both shy, so we only shared a brief smile. 😉 Since this is your OFFICIAL page, I wanted to make you aware that some "people" and sending private messages pretending to be you. I'm sure you'll have your staff all over that "crap" soon! Merry Christmas!!! I hope you and your family have an amazing few weeks together!! <3

I will definitely check out his new album! Love yours, too. Not a big country fan but I was pleasantly surprised! Btw...if you’re looking for a date for New Years, I’m throwing my hat in the ring!

Thanks Kiefer I will listen to jude Cole new album. He haven’t been recording since late 90s congratulations Jude Cole

Thanks for the share. Thanks to your Dan Rather interview I scored your CD, and I'm loving it. No big surprise, since I seem hooked on anything and everything Sutherland. Happy holidays to you and yours.

Thanks for sharing.. Love "Baby It's Tonight" play it all the time on my radio show.. Is Jude interested in an interview? I'd love to help him promote the album.. Sounds awesome.. And can hardly wait for your 2nd album.. Keep us posted.. Would welcome an interview with you as well.

So glad to hear this I will certainly but it. Still listen to View From a 3rd St and I Dont Know Why I Act This Way. Trying to source other albums I know there are a few out there 😀

Just listened to it during my workout. This is the first time I've heard Jude's music (other than the songs he cowrote with you). When I first heard his voice on Taking Away My Home, he reminded me so much of Phil Collins that it took me back to my early 20s (not a bad thing, lol). Loved the whole album, but my favorite was I'll Miss You. I can definitely hear similarities to the music he wrote on your album. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

Have watched u through the yesrs,24, Designed survivor. Great actor, would love to here u sing. Don't ever quit acting?

Congratulations Jude Cole - fantastic songs 🎶 I love Wax Wings 💕 thank you, Kiefer for posting this

Can't wait to hear it! Congratulations Jude Cole!!! 🎉🎶🎉

Congrats Jude Cole so awesome.

Thank you will have a listen.

THANK YOU for sharing Kiefer - Just bought it & can't wait to listen. Love YOU & Love Jude <3

That’s great, I’d like to hear this, Jude is a wonderful musician and singer.

I love it man! I am a huge Jude Cole fan love his work.

Been waiting for new Jude material for long time!!!

That was thoughtful of you Kiefer.

Sounds great will need to buy this 💕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Cool and Kiefer someone claiming to be you messaged me lol.

Had such a great time watching you at Rising star casino. Love your music!

I will check it out when you announce another season of 24

How cool is that cover artwork?!

Artists supporting artists and that's how it's done. You're true brothers! Thx for posting.

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