Jimmy Cliff at Bearded Theory 2018 – photos

Ever the star – over 50 years in the business and still going strong – Jimmy Cliff went down a storm at Bearded Theory 2018.

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1 week ago

Jimmy Cliff

How are you ? I have greet energy ! Do you remember this concert ? It was in 1969 so some of you are forgiven 😉 Have a nice week end. Bless you. JC. Dates of the tour : www.jimmycliff.com/bandsintown
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We played this at my dad's funeral, it'll be 11 years on 17th March that we lost him, he loved Jimmy and so do we! ♡

Love your music Mr Jimmy Cliff. Have had the amazing privilege and good fortune to see you perform twice. Each time was a dream come true x blessed love

God bless u Sir Jimmy Cliff!!!!

Just as beautiful and meaningful now as it was then. Blessings to you and yours Mr. Cliff ❤

Wicked. Single spotlight. Powerful song. No reason to pop it up.

Please Play In The USA 🇺🇸

Last time I saw Jimmy was at The Tabernacle club Stockport England, helping out with the bands equipment in 68..

Many Rivers to Cross but we still need to find our Jimmy Cliff in the US, Boston!

You’re a great guy, to me you are as young as ever. Bless up JC

I love this music, a master piece of all times, love you JC

We need you come to Vancouver Jimmy cliff

Knocks the other cliff into a spiked hat! 🎩

Much love for de legend

1969 I was just 2-years old. A little bit too young for a concert. But from the age of 22 till now including last year I ve only missed a JC concert in my country once. So far that makes 15 times JC live on stage. Noone else I have ever seen so many times on stage and I look forward for the next one

This song lyric is under my high school yearbook picture ❤️🎶. We go way back Jimmy ...

My very favorite song of all time! Thank you! 💜

Mr James Chambers aka Jimmy cliff My pride! Please send me a video of House of Exile

❤❤❤❤Nice! Your songs have always been my source of inspiration. Long Live King Jimmy Cliff!

Making me feel all the feels brother Jimmy

you are so young and adorbs

Soundtrack to our childhood (thank you Anne Gaston) and we were blown away by this performance many years later in 2011 to find that voice still going super-strong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsuW3dg7Q90

Love this. An all-time evergreen. Sweeet

Thank you for sharing this again!

You are simply the best

God bless you Mr Cliff. Keep doing your thing

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2 weeks ago

Jimmy Cliff

► TOUR 2019
Is everything fine for my band and me and you ? we have just signed new tour dates, get ready ! All dates here : www.jimmycliff.com/bandsintown
Bless you. JC
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► TOUR 2019
Is everything fine for my band and me and you ? we have just signed new tour dates, get ready ! All dates here : www.jimmycliff.com/bandsintown
Bless you. JC


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Avevo sono a poco tempo fa la phonette Orange poi 6000vnilii


Safe tours Jimmy

Come to the United States

The harder they come brother tu avais raison le plus dur arrive

See you on Clapham Common

Please play in the USA 🇺🇸

I wish you would tour in the U.S. 😍

Come down under to Australia

Why not in Holland ?

When is the next Toronto date?

Sydney Australia please


As a agent in Holland I like to Bring you here

Please come to Canada.

Waiting here in Limbo, Boston, MA❤

If everything fine 4 U & Ur Band, Everything good for the world. Positive & True ❤ is always good 4 me. ❤💛💚

Please come back to Colorado

Bro looking forward to your performance which you promised decades ago.

I saw you play at Wolftrap in Virginia back in the '80s ... what an awesome show!

If you come anywhere near Michigan...I'm there!

I'll be there at Subteranea. Can't wait.

Bless you Mr Cliff

Inna " The Netherland " ...

Long life and good health to you, Sir Cliff. You're the last hero standing.

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