It’s no Wonder how this Stuff never ages – and it’s far from time for the Dustbin for Neds

Ladies and gentlemen – The wonder Stuff and Neds Atomic Dustbin are firmly in the house!

Stourbridge’s finest are on the road again with a truck-full of Froth Blowers Brewery Co. ‘Ned’s Wonder’ chilled and waiting for the discerning gig-drinkers amongst us.

As Miles Hunt explained to us as he prepped for his set outside the stage door at Shepher’s Bush Empire: “I just can’t drink lager anymore – so we worked out how to fill the fridges at venues that seem to have forgotten how important a good pint is as part of the experience of enjoying your favourite band. We got around the rules by inviting a local brewery to ‘sponsor’ our tour – and from the feedback we’ve had from out fans so far it’s a winning formula!”

Of course, whilst the formula for a good gig definitely does involve the odd trip to the bar (indeed, the Stuffies hold the bar-take record at Kentish Town Forum to this day) what really cuts the mustard is the music. And with two bands co-headlining who, between them, have a back-catalogue of top tunes that would keep most 40-somethings amused for hours on end, this is a show not to be trifled with – or, indeed, missed.

We dived in on night two of the London leg – and were immediately taken by the heavy security presence in the photo pit for Neds.

Apparently, the night before, the band had seen 60+ middle-aged nutters hurl themselves over the barrier – so tonight the venue were taking no chances.

As it was on the second leg of this date the crowd-surfers were in the descendent – either worn out from last night’s shenanigans or wary of being chucked out before The Wonder Stuff’s headline set.

And even then, the OTT behaviour was quelled somewhat when, mid-set, Miles interjected with a no-holds-barred warning to anyone who fancied a go at planting their boots on the heads of the front few rows. ‘Keep it up and you’re out of here’ was the message – and the message sank in!

We can’t write anything more here than has already been said about the music of these two bands.

Let’s just wrap things up by saying that if you are still able to buy tickets for the rest of the tour (and several dates are already sold out) you’d be advised to move quickly to avoid enormous dissapointment!

Photos by Sara Bowrey

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