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Tag the one mate who always disappears!


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I got lost for 9 hours once at Tribal Gathering at Luton Hoo back in the 90's. . Orbital were on I left from one exit out of the tent and my friends all went out another exit . I wondered around met some people then decided to go and find my friends car in the car park after walking around in what seemed like circles hurrah found it , only to be asked by some not so friendly festival goers awhile later 'What are you doing sitting on our car!' and off I went again . Nine hours later I wondered down to the entrance and waited for my friends to come out ... never did acid again 😂😂

Paul Sargent - you are Glastonbury 😂. ‘Hey guys come and meet my friend from Amsterdam’ (as he swigs a whole bottle of mulled wine). Absolutely priceless!!!

Jake Norman I don’t even go to festivals with you and I’ve bumped into you twice doing this!!! 😂😂 creamfields and lost vil xo

Luke Drew "What are you near?" Me "A table and a tree" 😂 x

Saw this and immediately thought of you Radleigh 😹

Mike Adam... James and his Irish friends

Gav Bacon remember when we lost you in Ibiza 😂

Simon Holdsworth ... it's even worse when the tents go missing lol 😂 #CampBastard

Ben Goad reminds me of you at boomtown 😂👀

This definitely reminds me of you for some reason Ben Lovett!

Partheban loool sweardown this was you at outlook

Luke Bonnichon you going boomtown next year mate 👍👍😂

Scott Taylor... everytime weve been out and i promised to look after you 😂

Sean Lassetter every time I see this I just think of you at alchemy 😂

Niall O'Connor this reminds me of u and that hat you found at Glastonbury 😂😂

Rich Ley are we to old for sw4 next yr !!!😉

Chris Williams......homelands

Aj Kandola couldn't find a better meme of you

Chris Cornelis Swedish house mafia at least you got your Sun glasses back lol

Rosie Instrall Alice Thompson boom when I thought I was gone for like 10 mins but was gone for more than an hour x

Carly Hunter....... where did he get those specs?

Annie Manser when you disappeared all of the first night at the first creams

Adam Mada Dolan I'm pretty sure you were tagged in this before 😂

Kristen Dukes why did I instantly think of you 🙄😂

Laura Bewley you at Glastonbury and me in Ibiza😂

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