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22 hours ago

The Courteeners

Manchester Arena pre-sale has sold out. Tickets go on general sale for both shows at Manchester Arena and London Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust at 9am on Friday 15th December from ... See MoreSee Less

Manchester Arena pre-sale has sold out. Tickets go on general sale for both shows at Manchester Arena and  London Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust at 9am on Friday 15th December from


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9.02am pre sale standing tickets sold out! Too big for the arena lads scrap it and get back to Heaton Park or OT in the sunshiiiine. The only seat you want at a Courteeners gig is on someone's shoulders! Smaaall Boonnes

I must be close to hitting the 20s now the amount I’ve seen this band I’m so excited for this one though

Steven Donnell you ignored my last tag πŸ‘€ St. Jude - Courteeners at their best 😍

When I used the code it didn’t work and now it’s sold out. Well..chance to get tickets, -1.

Jamie Smith legit will cry if I don't get tickets

What time do doors open for Manchester arena

I bought a vinyl and didn't get sent access to the presale??

Hope they do a full tour on the back of this or a big summer gig πŸ™‚

Chelsea O'brien gwt standing for Manchester and come with me and Tasha xx

Surely they'll do more than just 2 dates?!?πŸ€”

Laura Brooks I completely forgot about the pre-sale 😭

Kerry Bella Hickin looks like it’s just pre sale that sold out xxx

Anyone know how much tickets are?

Mark Evans πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Andy Dempsey 😭😭😭 manchester presale has sold out😭😭😭

Ben Bland - What do you think this looks like?

Woo got mine

David James Ben let’s have it πŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸ₯πŸ₯

You trying for this or me x Mike Smith

Chris Bunning get tickets I'm there

Daniel Mitchell this will be mega

We have ours dude Tom Hutchinson ✌️✌️✌️

Buzzin for the James Renshaw πŸ’ͺ🏼

How much are tickets anyone ?

Are we Lee Sanderson Will Beale

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1 day ago

The Courteeners

Extra pre-sale tickets for Manchester available at the link below. Access the pre-sale using the code sent to you when pre-ordering the album. Code will only work once. Any attempts at making more bookings will result in tickets being cancelled.
... See MoreSee Less


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What a con. Used the link sent for gigs and tours and only seats with the pigeons left. If you’d emailed both links ahead of it going onsale would have been fairer. We don’t all search once then get on Facebook looking to moan. Wish i had now as I’d have had a chance to see this... Saying that though I’d prob be greeted with posts from days ago showing up as per.

I’m always missing it. How you people doing it?! Chance to get tickets is like -1.

Buy the album to get the code 😑😑😑😑

Just got mine thanks to this, said my code had been used earlier on gigs and tours. Buzzzzzing!!

Just got mine thanks to this post! Couldnt get them this morning! Roll on april!! 😁

Ady Campbell......sort it out xx

Winner, winner chicken dinner Eddie Blackburn xx

Abbie Cheetham you tried this link?

God bless this link and God bless the band 2 standing tickets in the bag 😁

Brett Adderley sorted!! Booked through the new link they posted for presale no issues x

Over 18 quid in fee's and delivery for two tickets. Shocking.

Had to settle for seated tickets but they'll do

I bought the album but never got a pre-sale code 😒😑✊🏼

I got seated tickets but wanted standing anyone want to swap or buy these off me ?

Pre ordered the album but no code!?!?

Got two seated if anybody wants them

Aw crap I got seating!!

How much are tickets?

Carla Brockbank....... you know they were sold out this morning........ 😜

Matthew Duffy πŸ™ I wanna go x

Thank god for this link Jodi Bladen

Wayne Bradshaw they have a tape for £5❀❀


Connor Campbell try this lad

Sold out at 9:01 what a joke πŸ˜“

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Courteeners at Manchester Arena

Courteeners at Manchester Arena

Apr 7, 6:00pm - Apr 7, 11:00pm

Manchester Arena
Hunts Bank
Manchester,  M3 1AR Map

Pre-order ’St Jude Re:Wired’ at the official Courteeners shop by 8am GMT Wednesday 13th December for access to the ticket pre-sale at 9am for Manchester Arena on Saturday 7th April.

1689 interested  ·  414 going

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