Bradley Cooper (Glastonbury 2017)

Bradley Cooper briefly took to the Glastonbury Pyramid stage to film a scene for his new film – a remake of A Star is Born, the classic Judy Garland musical.


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7 months ago

Bradley Cooper

Team Bradley Cooper
Instagram/@greggrunberg: Bradley Cooper wants you to donate to
#talkabout #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #support @epilepsyfdn
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Team Bradley Cooper


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Wow, that's harsh Ms.Hernandez, I hope you are not related to my hero the late Aaron Hernandez (what a hot man dios mio!) "get a clue Mr. Cooper" lol, boo, makes me sad. But, on a happy note, Bradley is still the sweetest cutest guy and I want to date him so Holly hook me up, what are you waiting for? (duh, as if I don't know this doesn't work) Brad, we're the same age, let's be friends. I'm one of the most intelligent women on Earth (lolllll) so since you are a very smart guy, at least that's what I think, or assume, of you, I think we could have some great conversations. Xo Camila. You and me, two suns and lots of 💐🍄🌸🌷🌼🥀🌹🌻

Hey Brad! I think you're one of the best in the film industry. I hope i get to work alongside with you one day. enjoy your're millions.

Brad I filmed THE most hillarious selfie videos at the Zoo here in Washington yesterday


Brad, we love you and are proud of you because you are such a down to earth individual who is also willing to show his child to the public -- not like some others who cover their faces for whatever their reasons are.

My sister loved Felicity... you guys are awesome!

Please stop trying to burn down my neighborhood with fire effects shot live in a high fire area. Ever heard of special effects via post production. get a clue Mr. Cooper.

Will Peter Kay as Geraldine McQueen, Reece Shearsmith as Papa Lazarou, Smurf, Golliwog and Roy Chubby Brown (out of date comedian) will be doing the press tour for A Star Is Born (I am only joking), since the film will be marketed as a joke, like War Dogs was and that film was ruined by bad marketing (as lot of people where complaining about that) and not that it was a totally brilliant film

You look like jesus a little bit. Love always, MOAH. (; GUESS WHO

Love the scruff!


I love you too, Bradley!

Here's my vid Holly xo

Brad (: 💋

They're on my AT&T Samsung Go phone, writing from iPhone

You have to see them

🤔 Hi

Instagram @camiqisip9

Amazing. Very informative.


Super, eres un angel. Besos desde España.

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7 months ago

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper chats singing in A Star is Born and his baby
Bradley Cooper chats singing in film A Star is Born and his new baby at home. Bradley confirmed to Ellen Degeneres that he is singing in the film and didn't realize how hard signing actually was.
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Bradley Cooper chats singing in A Star is Born and his baby


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Thanks for sharing this post! Your brother sure does make me laugh!! 😊

I have a question for Mr. Cooper. When Barbra Streisand did her version of this classic, Arthur Laurents suggested that she reverse the roles of the main characters -- man's star rising, female's star declining. Did you consider doing this?

Congrats for receiving your new baby girl Bradley! But shave the beard....soon before she grows.

I cant wait to see it. I love both Bradley and Stefani

Great news! Happy to hear that everyone is happy & healthy, God Bless!

your sTory is like the fast Lanes dude,

Bradley..stunt double right here 😉 let me know

Hey can you get good weed mama won't know holllar

Shit that was funny!

Hey everyone, I started a fundraising campaign for CHEMOTHERAPY COSTS AND TREATMENT. Please tap to donate-

*Really* made me laugh, thanks!

Congratx for his baby!.

I'm sure he's an awesome dad! Congrats!

Anything related to is very important.

I mean nana

Help Tonda in her personal fight against Multiple Sclerosis and regain her independence. Please share this link with all your friends. Thank you.

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