Birdy – Glastonbury Festival 2017

With a perfect voice and delicious songs, Birdy held the Avalon Stage audience in the palm of her hand.


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1 month ago


Tb to when the amazing Millie Bobby Brown starred in the video for Find Me 😍 still can't believe this happened! About to start Stranger Things 2 binge! 😵 💙
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Tb to when the amazing Millie Bobby Brown starred in the video for Find Me 😍 still cant believe this happened! About to start Stranger Things 2 binge! 😵 💙


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Seriously at first i really thought Millie was the one who sang this and she's a singer aside from being an actress but i figured out it's Birdy hahahaha , but only if she does .. She's good at lipsynching 👍

Millie's one of your biggest fans I expect she couldn't believe it either . x Oh more spooky stuff ,must be the time of the year again. 🎃😱👻

I love you Birds you’re most beautiful girl and person I’ve ever seen...I hope you read this and it means a lot to me, god bless you Jasmine

I have to tell you your music keeps pushing me through. I am a healthy 35 yr old and at Work middle of October I had a stroke and then another stroke due to a SPONTANEOUS artery tear causing the strokes. I am at home unable to work for a few months. When I am not at dr or bloodlab or at rehab I am home trying to pass the time. At night when everyone is sleeping I put my buds in and listen to you. I have always loved your sound and especially now it helps me fade away for awhile. I have medical bills that I’m not sure that insurance will cover including an air ambulance Bill for 51k.... this stresses me and my family. I feel when I have my earbuds in I tend to not worry as much. I wanted to thank you for distracting me and making things ok for awhile. Thank you for your music and just Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

This video is so so so amazing, Millie is awesome and very beautiful.

Brilliant song, visceral clip, mesmerizing combi ! 😉

Millie reminds me of what I'm missing. and makes me remember who I am.

I wish one day , I can meet you Birdy Awesome song ♡

Aww that's a lovely tb 💜 and yeah I was about to do the same really lmaoo 😂 Xx

Binge!! The only way to go with stranger things.

"Like a fire, always burning..." 🎶

Not sure why but this video totally freaks me out 🤔

that's when please a concert in Nantes. Happy New Year

Carissa Koan my daughter!!! 🙂

I wish,anyone will find me.Great Song.

Wow ur are the one and the only one am looking forward for the day to meet you

I wish you a nice weekend, dear Birdy.☀️😘🌺

Me emociona músicas de birdy 💔💔

Birdy is the voice... Millie is the beauty

Class Song Class Vid

Love bridy

always birdy

That's amazing!!!



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2 months ago


Loved performing at the BFI gala last night 💙 ... See MoreSee Less

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Tu delgada y flexible figura, que puede abarcarse con una sola mano, realza la elegante configuración de tus redondeadas caderas y la riqueza de tu busto en que la juventud en flor ostenta sus más perfectos tesoros; y bajo los pliegues sedosos de tu túnica, pareces haber sido moldeada en plata por la mano divida de Vicvacarma, el escultor eterno.

About losing fear of death and doing nothing: "... 9. Absence of (or Decreased) Fear of Death Fear in general decreases in the wakeful state and fear of death is our most fundamental fear. The ego feels especially fragile in the face of death. The fact that death could strike us down at any moment — and will eventually reduce everything we have achieved and accumulated to nothing — creates a basic sense of meaninglessness, especially if we don’t believe in the possibility of life after death. This decreased fear of death is related to the transcendence of the separate ego — another sign and symptom of spiritual awakening. Because our own ego isn’t the epicenter of our universe anymore, its demise no longer seems such a tragic prospect. We know that our own death isn’t the end of all things; the world that is part of our identity will continue. However, perhaps the main reason why the awakened person loses fear of death is because of a different attitude toward — and understanding of — death. Spiritual awakening brings an understanding that death isn’t the end, that the essence of our being will continue to exist after the dissolution of our bodies. From the materialistic worldview derived from our sleep state, it seems completely clear that there’s no life after death. Our consciousness is just the product of brain activity; when our brain stops functioning, our consciousness ceases, too. But from the spiritually awakened perspective, reality is more complex than this. The essence of our being transcends our brain and our individual identity. Death isn’t the end of consciousness but a transformation of consciousness. ... 15. Enjoyment of Inactivity: The Ability to “Be” Awakened individuals love doing nothing. They relish solitude, quietness, and inactivity. In my book Back to Sanity I suggest that this is one of the most obvious differences between living in a state of “humania” — that is, our normal state of human madness — and in a state of inner harmony. In humania, which is equivalent to a state of sleep, people find it difficult to do nothing or be alone with themselves because this means facing the discord of their own being and the turbulence of their thoughts. As a result, they feel compelled to seek distractions and activities — that is, external things in which to immerse their attention — so that their attention doesn’t turn inward, into their own being. But in a state of harmony, which is equivalent to wakefulness, this isn’t necessary. We can rest contentedly within our own being because there’s no turbulence or discord inside us. This is another one of the signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening. We don’t need to constantly do things just for the sake of it or constantly supply ourselves with distractions. Rather than fear quietness and inactivity, we enjoy them deeply because they allow us to touch into the radiance of our own well-being. …"

Another kind of "The Hunger Games" (Heartfelt regards to all actors, people, ... who worked in this movie.): I have won them by self-knowledge as a human being in the modern worldview as a fictional Heavenly Father or god in post-Abrahamic Aquarian Age (Book of Revelation 21 and 22). You are wearing on your head in this photo an aureole. I found it yesterday. I might perceive it distinctive on my head? I love this wonderful photo of you! And how you express your face with dignity.

Have played Beautiful Lies and Fire Within for the past four hours on replay and can't get enough...Thank you Birdy for the layered, very beautiful and deep music.

Dear Jasmine, you might unconsciously play "The Beauty" as Belle or Lucille. And I might unconsciously play "The Beast" (People-friendly esotericist, ...) or "The Monster" -> "The Beauty and the Beast" or "A Monster in Paris".

She looks painfully thin there, hope stardom isn't making her ill.

You’re most beautiful girl on this planet Jasmine , l think about you every time and I know I’m not the first person to say that but you’re very beautiful I love your hair and your voice just cannot disappear from my ears, I love you!

Bones and hair - she is perfect

I read it fbi gala lol , this video is awesome <3

is there any video link where we can watch this performance or even the entire gala ?

Wonderful dress for a beautiful star 😊 " Rewiring Your Mind: How to Erase Your Biggest Limiting Beliefs in Minutes BY AMY B. SCHER removing limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind and replacing them with empowering ones is perhaps the single most impactful and powerful thing y ou can do to improve your life. Limiting beliefs are where I find the jackpot with most clients. Most of us, and I was no exception, have many reasons not to heal. This is because our challenge may actually benefit us in some way, or we believe deep down that it does. I know that might sound a bit ridiculous, but by the end of this you’ll understand it very well. In this article, you’ll first become familiar with what limiting beliefs are and how they might be showing up in your life. Toward the end, I’ll teach you two techniques to help you clear those harmful beliefs that are blocking you: The Sweep and Chakra Tapping. While doing the work to uncover these beliefs can be painful, if you add some humor and curiosity to the process, it can actually become entertaining. I consider myself a limiting beliefs detective now, and soon, you will become one too. How Beliefs Can Block You Do you have a pattern of feeling worse the more you try to feel better? Have you tried everything and it feels like nothing is working? Do you begin to improve and then suddenly have a flare-up of your emotional or physical symptoms? Do you struggle with a pattern of self-sabotage, even finding it difficult to help yourself when you know you need to? If this describes you, I can almost guarantee that your limiting beliefs are getting in your the way of overcoming whatever your challenge is. I know this may be hard to swallow. Just stick with me and I promise this will be the best truth you ever entertained the possibility of. Your subconscious mind might be blocking you from not only your treatment efforts but also your healing ability through those limiting beliefs. One reason this happens is because, at some level, you actually have an inner conflict about healing. This type of inner conflict occurs when one part of us wants to change, but the other part (often the subconscious) does not want to change because it believes the change is not good for us. Simply put, it’s a resistance to your goal, which sabotages your efforts. Even though your conscious mind is doing everything it can think of to heal, your subconscious mind may be holding what it thinks are very good reasons not to heal or overcome your challenge in the form of strong limiting beliefs. Part of you may see the challenge or illness as an upside or benefit, which is better in some way than being well. This means you perceive there is a benefit to your challenge. 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Beliefs are based solely on our generalizations from the past, experiences, other people’s messages about us, and the meaning we make from those experiences. Unfortunately, we don’t consciously decide what we believe—which means a lot of B.S. limiting beliefs are stuck in those brains of ours. until you overcome your limiting beliefs it can often feel like you are endlessly treading in deep water, repeating the same patterns over and over again. photo: tim marshall Let me show you how this works. Let’s say you are four years old and you draw something you are very proud of. You arrive at home excited from preschool and show your mom, who is busy trying to finish her own stuff and take care of your baby sister. She smiles and abruptly tells you to go put it away and get ready for dinner. This type of scenario plays out in a few different scenarios that week because your dad is out of town for work and your mom is preoccupied with all her responsibilities. You may feel rejected and perceive not that your mom is simply busy, but that you are a terrible artist. You then start looking for evidence of this as you grow up. Your subconscious mind takes in that new rule you’ve made: I am terrible at art. Then you go through life with that perspective, directing your behavior according to that limiting belief. This experience might translate to you being closed off to your creativity, feeling ashamed to express yourself, and more. Healing is, in part, about unlearning or unbelieving anything that doesn’t help you feel good. Your younger self saw things in one way, but now you’re older. Unless you would allow a four-year-old to run your life (oh my!), it’s probably time to update your mental records. The subconscious mind is not critical or judgmental; it does not analyze or reason. It simply gathers data and then acts according to the conditioning, programming, instructions, and messages it receives. Thousands of these interpretations of experiences from when we’re young become limiting beliefs that then become rules for our lives. ... "

Aurora Aksnes or the people of her Facebook site have blocked my messages on her Facebook site several months before. You not yet. Thank you! You are a GOD fearing young woman. You know that many people have lost faith in a god due to fictional worldview of Abrahamic religions. Therefore it is necessary that I got this ministry with the turn in time. Don't underestimate me. I have disclosures and teachings that can save lives of Christians, Jews, Muslims. This is the truth. I have love for people in me and feel the divine in me distinctive. But "I'm only human" like you in the modern worldview of the Aquarian Age in Revelation 21 and 22. But I found out that I can play as a shaman a role of a fictional (f.) Heavenly Father with passages from the Bible as the "f. word of f. god. in f. Heaven humans as authors" in important parts of the book of Revelation also in chapter 21 and 22. Heartfelt regards to Rory Graham, ... (Rag 'n' Bone Man). Maybe you and he will take me as I am and as you are and as he is: A human being.

I love you. I hope the day for know each other <3

As I made in my rented flat one of a few screenshots of this video from your Twitter account (today at about 14:30 or earlier) I accidentally heard outside young women talking "Is Jasmine still together with him?". Regards to you! What about a date with you?

I think she sang better 5 years ago than she does now. Shame

I need to hold your hand once Jasmine

I love you Birds “Jasmine” you’re most beautiful girl in this world.....I love you so much

How skinny is that!!

Like an angel!

What a beautiful dress


So nice good job Birdy 😁

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