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4 weeks ago

Barry Gibb

For all official news please only trust Barry’s social media accounts with the blue check-mark.

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For all official news please only trust Barry’s social media accounts with the blue check-mark.  



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I look at this photograph and to me it says that you are looking at the road behind you and those you loved along the way.

I hope this is the real you!! Don't know what to believe anymore!! Please visit more on here if it is you, fans miss you!

Your talent is endless, this CD is a wonderful insight into your soul and more importantly helps to open ours as well. God bless you, guide you and continue to inspire you, as you make the world more beautiful. As your lyrics say -- Love is such a beautiful thing -- Love is what you spread with your music. Looking forward to the Bee Gees stage production.

Looking great Barry always been so adorable His songs delight my heart❤ Can I say...I love him forever..❤ Thank you so much for the clarification my wonderful friend...Hugs and kisses for you.❤💋

I am very thankful Barry Gibbs helps with the Diabetes Society, so i was just pondering this suggestion..what about a CD for health and wellness for everyone young and old "We're Stayin Alive" dancing cd. whereas, you can change up some of the lyrics not much though. Your music is great music to get people up and dancing, even when it hurts to do so, but we do it. (which is very good for you). Just a thought to keep in mind...maybe help obesity in the world as well which leads to diabetes.<3

Thank you so much for the clarification! I told people that is the official page because of the blue with the check mark. 🙂

Sir, my mother is one of your biggest fans, and I was wondering if for a Christmas present you could make a short video telling her hi or merry Christmas? Please sir, have a nice day.

Sir...Barry in this pic you REALLY look like a SAINT <----waiting for Linda Gibb stamp of approval*LuvYa* <3 <3

Always have loved The Bee Gees!!

You looking so fine my celebrity pal ty for a you do your an inspiration to many

There's a light, certain kind of light....hugs

I don' t need no news about Barry Gibb thanks!

Yes. Alot Of Wicked Losers Tryin To Steal Somethin. Great To See And Hear Barry Your Doin Well. Would Be Great For Fans If You Had A Singwr Who Could Sing Robins Leads And Still Do Bee Gees Songs That We Have Enjoyed For Years.

Hacked? I got PM message from you few months ago....went along with the perp and had fun for about 32 seconds! I had to unfriend a couple of FB fan pages. Tweet and check the REAL B.G.

dear Barry and Family Merry Christmas and a happy new year i come from hannover you my best Singer and the band i miss you all the brothers 🎄🎁🎆🎁🍀

Look at all the BeeGees videos below this post. All Moti's uploads off others with rights release. Thought you were banning him? Self promoting his own scams via this page. Unbelievable

Is this a real Barry Gibb page on Instagram?

Bless you, Barry. You'll always Be My Everything.

There is no blue tic on this page!

Thank you 😊 beautiful man!! Thank you for the joy you have brought us for years!!! ❤️😇❤️

Thanks for the heads many bad things going on....

so if Barry is saying so , this is Barry's official Facebook page!!!! Amen!!!!

What does the blue check Mark look like?

I don’t really understand but lovely 💕 to see you Barry 🙃😊🍁🍂🌾🦋👩🏼‍🌾😘x

Wow beautiful darling Barry love you 💗

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2 months ago

Barry Gibb

Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love (1989) ... See MoreSee Less



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The most perfect love song ever.... and this concert was amazing. Not that I saw it in person, but I've seen it online... and play it quite often. Beautiful men with beautiful souls and hearts. Thank you Barry Gibb and Bee Gees! <3

Thanks dear Barry for this beautiful Song and memory of your Brothers, love the BEE GEES since I was a young Girly and for ever. Please never stop your music and work. Lively wishes from Berlin 😍😘🤗

One of my ALL TIME favorite Bee Gee songs!! It's on my phone and I listen to it constantly! It's so awesome with those killer vocals, harmony and lyrics. Thank you for sharing it again Barry! You rock, always have, always will! 💕

This song is so beautiful! It is one of those songs that you never tire of listening to. The Bee Gees music touched people's lives in a way that made you think they were either singing to you or about you. Last night I watched a video of a concert from 1974. It was just so wonderful and each one of them were so funny, at times, especially Barry and Maurice. I hope that many more videos are added that have never been seen before. Thanks so much for sharing with your fans. Much love and respect, always, to Barry!

Doesn't matter what I'm doing. Everytime Barry Gibb posts music, I have to stop and listen lol. Brings back so many memories. 😉

I was falling in love w/ my husband to this song and many other Bee Gees songs...they take me right back into his arms in a split second. I lost him, but whenever I hear one of "our" songs, I can still feel us dancing together.

I've loved Bee Gees music as a teenager and now as a grandmother...I will never tire of listening (and watching videos) of you beautiful brothers. Each one so unique and talented. Barry, I hope you carry on with this special gift you've been given❤️

Que guapo , me encanta su sonrisa , por supuesto que su voz es fascinante . <3 Me aprendi las ;letra de la canción y no sabia ingles , pero nada me detuvo para cantarla perfectamente , know that i live in USA and i understand it , just fell my memories with LOVE , <3 thanks for all .BeeGees = LOVE.

I've listen to this so much and now I've to fine another cd someone took mine,, but my Radio in my car comes on as I start to drive and when I've stop over and over Bee Gees music comes on , love my boys

Absolutely marvelous Barry Gibb and the BeeGees, God Bless you for keeping your brothers with us and for your awesome talent Barry Gibb - it will never pass !!

Their music will never die as long as generation after generation continue to play their songs. I listen to them everyday with my children and grandson.💓

Thanks dear Barry... thanks Bee Gees... I hear your songs since 5 years and today I have 41 years ... you have made many people happy all over the world👏👏👏

Saw them twice live...Great Woods, Ma and on the set of Good Morning America....they sounded absolutely perfect both times and Barry pointed to my poster as I thanked them for 4 decades of beautiful music and he smiled at me and held up his hand to show me it was actually five....He was correct!! I have great pictures of all of them!! I pray for Andy, Robin and Maurice!! I pray for Barry much suffering but so many blessings!!

Your such a loving man,by that I mean u love ur bros and you love your children grandchildren and yor brothers children,Barry ur bro are still here through their children,they never left you.

My fondest memory of the Bee Gees is going with my dad to work at a theatrical theater and he would play the Bee Gees right before the performance started, been a fan sense I was 4 years old. <3 <3

Love this song but also love the beegees

My very first concert!! I wish my daughter could have experienced this iconic sound. What a time this was!!

No matter how young or OLD (like me) you get turned on by Barry and his music!!!! What great music!!! I love it so much.

Los escucho y siento alegria , nostalgia y una profunda admiracion por ellos. Han sido mis ídolos en la música desde mi juventud. Mis respetos por siempre. Desde mi Chile querido.

Beautiful song before I don't understand ingles but now can i do listen everywhere i love it this song

what a touching love song, could listening over and over again, thank you so much Barry and your beloved brothers for all the wonderful music <3, much love and blessings from Saxony Anhalt, Germany.....<3

Barry just keeps improving with age❤️love the BeeGees x

... Wowwwwww!!!, Beautiful Song Of Bee Gees ...

Beautiful song and good memory, Bee Gees forever 💕

I love the,bee gees, such a beautiful song

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