BANDS GALLERY @ Zooquarium Festival 2017

BANDS GALLERY @ Zooquarium Festival 2017

Even more acts from the day’s packed bill…

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4 weeks ago

Hastings Pier

Sorry but we will have to remain closed until Monday ... See MoreSee Less


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That's sad. Any particular reason?

Anything we can do to help?

There must be a reason they resigned! What about the restaurant is that going to still be run by same people? Hope so xxx

Sad times, let’s hope our Pier gets back on track soon.

What a shame.

Joke of a pier. Such a waste.

Hopefully the cafe service will be better! We have been 3 times since moving here last year and each time it was awful 🌞

Never had any problems with the service

I thought the pier was great. Forward thinking, ahead of its time. Great venue for gigs and for lunch and drinks. Hopefully everything will sort itself out soon and wish all those working on it good luck.

Gorgeous sunny weekend forecast and the Pier is going to be closed 👍 Some businessman....

Give him a chance, the red tape in running a business is phenomenal.

Lol is this THE newer pier in Hastings or the arson-destroyed insurance scam one? Are they serious.....and is that any way to let the public know? I never liked it from the start anyway.

What a shame. All that weekend trade! Lets hope the new owners revert to an old style pier attraction which seems to be what locals & holiday makers want!

Flippin eck ! I don't think The Pier has anything to do with people staying will be because of the constant negative moaning and sniping ! I for one will welcome everyone with a smile and feeling of how lucky I am to live here. Power to the peaceful.... be kind.... always be kind !

The pier made no money because there wasn’t anything to attract custom

The guy has just taken over so give him a chance, he obviously needs to put more things in place to attract more people and let's be honest it needs more. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I think a pier should be amusements and kiss-me-quick hats, fish & chips(at a reasonable price),I for one am quite excited for what is to come. 🙂

There are an awful lot of moaning minnies on here!

Steve Mcghin Kay McGhin 😓

What is going on?

Kate Butts

You can always come kayaking and look at the Pier from the sea 😎

NOT ONE PERAON CAN THANK THE GUY FOR SAVING OUR PIER.. DIDNT SEE HPC OR FOHP RAISE ENOUGH MONEY... MAYBE THEY DONT LOVE IT ENOUGH!!!! Well done Abid on what will hopefully be the biggest change to the pier since post 2000. Lots will happen with this man you all have him wrong. he is saving our landmark from permanant closure because we didnt dig deep enough. A businessman with capital and a long term investment future for 2 piers less than 20 miles apart. stop the hate... maybe if people behaved themselves it would of been open over the weekend. chill your fucking beans and let the man do his job. 😂

Poor pier....x

I hope that the bands and music 🎵 keep playing on the pier, they had some great events on their and looking forward to more

This is effing outrageous. What incompetence from the new owner! Well gone the organisation that decided to sell it to Mr Gulzar rather than keep it in the community.

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