Should you come to Y Not Fest? Dw let us help you.

YNOT festival news : Should you come to Y Not Fest? Dw let us help you.

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Y Not Festival


Should you come to Y Not Fest? Dw let us help you.


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2 days ago

Y Not Festival

Less than 6 weeks away ... See MoreSee Less

Less than 6 weeks away


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Nicole , love being skint and having nothing prepared 😍xxx

Emily Efstathiou Kelly Maclean Abbie Paige Twigg Lydia Harris πŸ’–

Can't wait!! <3 (Fingers crossed for sunshine!)

Jodie Styling Sian Hemming Lisa Ansmith

Roman Moon Molly Mitchell Kate Jowsey Charlotte Walsh 😍😍

2 night glamping for 2 for sale in a bell tent! Paid £500, includes parking and can no longer attend. Please make an offer 😊

Sarah Elizabeth Hill

Tom Roseby Scott

Dawn Marsh 😳

Jan Woolley 😯😯😯

I can't wait 😜😜

And it's going to be pissing it down........

Amrr Morris Dixon Cutler is it bad that I kind of wish I was going πŸ™„

Connie Inman can we go next year 😏😏😏😏😏

See Tasha Kelly less than 6 weeks!! πŸ˜‚

Graham Rutherford Ben Roberts Pete Roberts Aidan Howard Get your tickets sirs!

Elizabeth Wakelin you off to this? X

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5 days ago

Y Not Festival

This year McDonald's are joining us at Y Not and it’s going to be EPIC! You can go inside their giant McNuggetβ„’ box and check out their 360 photo booth… and then get your hands on some tasty McNuggetsβ„’!πŸ˜πŸ˜‹ #McNuggetsTour ... See MoreSee Less


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No!!!!! Love the little independent outlets.

Wonderful news 🀦‍♂️

Looks more like the Ywouldya festival to me!

So you've systematically just shat on all the independent traders who've probably had to pay £5000 for the weekend as is... I'm guessing the nuggetts were free like coca-cola was last year?

I’m lost for words. Was considering coming to your festival. Shame on you.

Peter Taylor Aaron Storey Guy Young Sarah Dolman πŸ˜€

I’m just hoping that now one of the original architects of this festival has bought it back from the globe corps, this shit will be a thing of the passed. Love y not, hate the bullshit.xx

just what i love at a festival... massive corporations

Will never set foot in here!

Bloody great idea

Will it double the price of the food 😱😭

Nugs not drugs πŸ˜‚

Only nugs nugs tho

Bekah Wilson Katie Wilson Drewe Rowley-weaver Rach Hemy Kyle Sains

Adam McnallyPoppy LodgeAnnabel Drake YNOT looks even better now.

Get pissed eat nuggets repeat

Screw the mango coke !!! We get nuggets !!!!!!!!!

Laura Bell πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Teresa Pegler Brent Smith Helen Boyd Maccys at the festival!! 🀣

Richard Greenway Eden Neal Leah Jackson.....

Derek - a pull for Liam πŸ˜† xx

Neil 'Orange Peel' Young Matt Housley I’m having me 20 in one sitting

Amy Hardle Roberta Grace Simon Matthew Hardle Julie Worton OMG!! No need to worry about food now 🀣🀣

Harry Spragg Danny Sims Niall Spragg well that's worth the trip!

Sam Denyer Mia Saunders Philippa Boxford cheeky McFlurry while watching Foals 😍

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