Be in with the chance of winning a backstage tour and side of stage access at Reading when you pre-book your Volt charger!

Full info here:

Win a once-in-a-lifetime backstage tour and side of stage access for you and a friend at Reading




  1. So much for ‘no further tickets will be released’ as Seetickets appear to have found some more Reading Weekend tickets down the back of their office sofa and are selling them as I type – instead of filling their page with guff perhaps the promoters might want to ‘promote’ that so people get the chance to go without buying from the secondaries etc

  2. I’ve never understood why getting side of stage for a set is such a big deal. Surely you want to be down in the dirt with the rest of the crowd?

    After all, that’s who the band is playing for/to/at, not you fuckers hiding in the wings like you’re above getting dusty/sweaty/rat-arsed with everyone else 😛

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