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Who’s set up camp at #ReadingFestival? ️

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Who’s set up camp at #ReadingFestival? ️

Who’s set up camp at #ReadingFestival? 😊🙌❤️



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  1. Lauren McGowan says:

    we’re still in belfast mate better leave es a wee space

  2. Mark Swift says:

    Ryan Brooks

  3. Katie Williams says:

    Currently having a chill in our tent, getting ready for Daniel P Carter 🎉🎉

  4. April Parkinson says:

    Ebony Leigh Staite Dagnall this was our campsite 😭

  5. Matt Cousineau says:

    Any space left to pitch up as I’m arriving tomorrow morning?

  6. Kevin Powell says:

    Jon Ainge Trevor Calkin

  7. Jason Obrien says:

    🙌🏻👌🏻Gary Robinson

  8. Gem Sturgess says:

    No need. Only live up the road 👍🏼

  9. Fiona Hobday says:

    Where is Alice?!!!

  10. Angela Rachel Lesmana says:

    Laurencia Anastasia Irena huhuhuh

  11. Hannah Le Gassick says:

    Rosie Hones Tabby Pring 😃

  12. Brad Grant says:


  13. Lehane Ryland says:

    Joel Hagerty Jak Smith

  14. Timmy Norman says:

    Any one know what time Five Finger death punch are on Sunday?

  15. Caroline Francis says:

    A BIG THANKYOU to the nice guy who must win gentleman of the festival. He helped put up my daughters tent in the rain . A big shout out to him from Plymouth 😘🎤❤️

  16. Justyna Tylek says:

    Kinga Szwed nie wiem co czuje w tym momencie 🙉

  17. Sandra Buckley says:

    This would of been us years ago kidda 😫 Angela Foster xxx

  18. Antony Waterson says:

    Nope not this year. Will be back tho once the lineups half decent

  19. Debra Wyatt says:

    Hubby’s there, all set up for 11am ish as he phoned to say so 🙂

  20. Vishal Patel says:

    Rhys Gregory

  21. Laura Jayne says:

    Rebecca Kemp

  22. Dominic Lerwill says:

    brown sauce boi

  23. María N'Guessan-López says:

    Erika Poveda😭😭 wish I was in the country

  24. Janet Reed says:

    Ben x

  25. Rhiannon Tutt says:

    Bethan James these were the days x

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