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Who’s on your shoulders at Reading ’16

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Who’s on your shoulders at Reading ’16

Who’s on your shoulders at Reading ’16 ❤💛



25 Responses

  1. Darren 'Zebadee' Banks says:

    Marc Gregs

  2. Dan Grace says:

    Ellie Mickleborough which songs you fancy this year? 😉

  3. Olivia Lawrence says:

    Alice Lawrence❤️❤️

  4. Harley Camp says:

    Phil Crowley

  5. Matthew Dickenson says:

    Edward Taylor <333333

  6. Megan O Riordan says:

    Odhran McHugh

  7. Joe Ciampoli says:

    Alex Disbrey im on yours😘

  8. Nathan Webb says:

    The next announcements please

  9. William Ogden says:

    Drew <3

  10. Harrison Taz Martin says:

    Paul Hunt

  11. Joe Booth says:

    Richard Fry just so you know , I’m not giving you a piggy back unless you give me one 😂

  12. Kira Nicole Shute says:

    I’ll be on yours Beth Smith 💘

  13. Alexander Woolston says:

    Franki Clarke

  14. Csilla Ábrahám says:

    Melinda Toth aztan elesunk

  15. Calvin Fitzpatrick says:

    Sulaiman Black

  16. Calvin Fitzpatrick says:

    Euan Blackwood jk ur fat

  17. Sophie Northam says:

    Austin Hedley-Richards yeah Austin who will be?😏😉😂

  18. Ben Tucker says:

    I’ll give you a shoulder rub after Brett

  19. Thomas Richmond says:

    Chris Guyatt 👊🏻

  20. Calvin Fitzpatrick says:

    Jeff Willment

  21. Kyle Anderson says:

    Milly Chaplyn

  22. Seb Bouzyk says:

    Charlie on Luke

  23. Dan James says:

    Jan Tenbeloglu

  24. Will Thommes says:

    Bella Elizabeth Akyurek lol

  25. Liam Owen says:

    Chandler Pickup

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