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Who’s joining us for Reading ’17? ️️️️

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Who’s joining us for Reading ’17? ️️️️

Who’s joining us for Reading ’17? ❤️❤️❤️❤️



25 Responses

  1. Cameron Stocks says:


  2. Estelle Jones says:

    Abi Morris

  3. Estelle Jones says:

    Anneli Akimova

  4. Tom Marìa says:

    Sam ayyy

  5. Ryan Cooper says:

    Dex Taylor bring on the summer!!

  6. Ben McGrale says:

    Sam Ellison

  7. April Parkinson says:

    Ebony Dagnall Rhea Anderson we still up for it lads?! 😍😍

  8. Natasha Aquilina says:

    Darren Gearing

  9. Carly Carlsberg says:

    Elaina Howes Chris Holliday

  10. Sophie Clifton says:

    John Frithz Charlie Clifton 👀👀

  11. Lucrezia Vicedomini says:

    Rita non noi

  12. Jordan Howard-Sleigh says:

    Shannon Howard-sleigh

  13. Lewis Gamble says:

    Chelsea Millard Laura Woodward

  14. Vince Chapman says:


  15. George Welch says:


  16. Dan Liddiatt says:

    Adam Perks Emilio Lewis ben Ben Marco Jamie Hill Jensen Feltham

  17. Charlie Foster says:

    Not tyler

  18. Josh Barker says:


  19. Emily Jenkins says:

    All riding on the 3rd headliner – need to do much much better than Kasabian!

    Sevenfold or Foos please 😊

  20. Jamie Palmer says:

    Luke Bowers

  21. Herbie Haggar says:

    Will What’s happening if g acts announced this week??

  22. Carlotta Lov says:


  23. Dan McLeish says:

    Robie Marshall stop being gay

  24. Ellie Cummings says:

    Rebecca Mannick Bethan Drake

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