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Who will you be camping with at Reading? ️️️

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Who will you be camping with at Reading? ️️️

Who will you be camping with at Reading? ❤️❤️❤️



25 Responses

  1. Margot Loete says:

    Kdenk me u Dennis De Vos

  2. Evie Miles says:

    We will Joonas Miquel

  3. Grace Damario says:

    Will Lombard Kayla Spicer Lloyd Tutt literally can’t wait!! ❤️

  4. Phil Bowles says:

    Claire Nichols Barry Wheeler Cathy Wheeler

  5. Nathan Quadling says:

    Donovan & R Kelly

  6. April Kay Russell says:

    Emily Russell

  7. Callum Fowler says:

    My mum nan and grandad

  8. Daniel Walker says:

    Zac Burridge 🤘🏻

  9. Viktorija Dmitrijeva says:

    Ellena Moore me and you forever under the stars 💕💕

  10. Laura Corbett says:

    Amy ayyyyy dickhead

  11. ReGina Phalange says:

    Sarah Rose Mazzey

  12. Scarlett French says:

    Billie-Jean Zini Lenny Young Max Fishlock

  13. Hollie Overfield says:

    Megan Scarratt

  14. Gemma Louise Benevento says:

    Martyn Flis Rose Ashley shall we book this? :)) 25th-27th August

  15. Lucy Vowles says:

    Harly Kirk all the boyz

  16. Eli Callon says:

    Cadan Kewn

  17. Peter Billy Bass Williams says:

    Its looking likely

  18. Stephanie Jane says:

    Leoni Edwards!! So excited 🤘🏻

  19. Natalie Doe says:

    Wish I was going to begin with!

  20. Billy Heanly says:

    Finn 😘

  21. Brydie Eliza Akers says:

    Lily McCauley 💛💜💛💜💛💜

  22. Javiera Paz Muñoz Pincheira says:

    Juanjo Bascuñán 💛

  23. Jess Whittaker says:

    Bethan Malins ✌🏽🌞😎

  24. Chris Cannon says:

    Not you Henry Lamb

  25. Taylor Harris says:

    Steve House Lauren Thompson 😜😁💃🏼

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