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Who took a ride on the ‘Atmos Fear’ ️

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Who took a ride on the ‘Atmos Fear’ ️

Who took a ride on the ‘Atmos Fear’ 😂🎡❤️



25 Responses

  1. Jack Thompson says:

    Atmos Fea* 😉

  2. Meggie Rogers says:

    Jess Williams

  3. Joe Chamberlain says:

    Dan Blower 😵

  4. Emily Coultrup says:

    Jessie Louise Lowe

  5. Henry Harvey says:

    Me!!!! spent about £70!

  6. Leyla Cobb says:

    Nathan Bowley

  7. Daniel Rose says:

    If they can’t even fix the leds on the R I’d be worried to go on this lol.

  8. Shaw Gibbins says:

    Ryan Lee Carter 🤔🤔

  9. Ffion Lewis says:

    Dylan Thomas Daniel Macnamara remember almost dying 🙂

  10. Owain Harris says:

    Is that what you lost your wallet on Jake?

  11. Alice Hotston Moore says:

    Celia Bull

  12. Aimée Bainbridge says:

    Kadeem Price Jack Riley

  13. Ellen Jenner says:

    Kelsey Sarah Champion we did 🙌🏻

  14. Lehane Ryland says:

    Wanted to but Sam Shore Clare Furreed wouldn’t lol

  15. Georgia Nixon says:

    Charlotte Nixon almost fear 😂

  16. Rahul Patel says:

    Conor O’Kelly Joe Fortune the days👌🏽

  17. Ashlee-Kate Tuffrey says:

    Jody Stevens Dale Browne yeeeee

  18. Manu Lambert says:

    Audrey ça t’aurais plu!

  19. Eleanor Barnett says:

    Hollie Gough Alesha Cinquegrani Danielle Lewis

  20. Kezia Eames says:

    Aaron HopperElsiemae JonesMatthew Jones

  21. Dan Gomersall says:

    Yeah I did, for £7!!!

  22. Tiffany Hector says:

    Emily Alex I miss this heart attack inducing ride, where the seat belt harness was far too loose for me….

  23. Emily Wall says:

    Liam Owen Courtney Clark they just like to keep reminding me I had an out of body experience

  24. Callum Davies says:

    Jake Jones👀😂

  25. Eloise Brown says:

    war flashbacks Jacob Hobbs Connor Sullivan

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