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Which years did you come to Reading Festival?

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Which years did you come to Reading Festival?

Which years did you come to Reading Festival?



24 Responses

  1. Adam Prickett says:

    wow, this just made me realise this year will be my 8th consecutive Reading fest, when are you officially ‘too old’ to go?

  2. Reading Festival says:

    You’re never too old Adam!

  3. Alex Scupham says:

    3rd year for me 😀

  4. Mandy Wheeler says:

    22 years for me. I am really old.

  5. Matthew Wade says:

    There should be a minimum age limit to keep out all the teenaged idiots behaving like extras from Jamie’s Dream School For Fat Failures.

  6. Tom Parker says:

    wheres the 95? – its on my profile page…

  7. Darren Paul Generalovic says:

    this years reading will be mine 11th year in a row

  8. Emma Priest says:

    I started going in 1996, only missing a few years when I’ve had babies. I’ve just started taking the older ones with me – they had a great time watching Blink 182 last year.

  9. Emma Priest says:

    And scarily I bought a t-shirt everytime I went, maybe I should start wearing the old ones again! Although my Ash ‘return of the rent boys’ t-shirt is much loved lol

  10. Sally Bowyer says:

    10th consecutive Reading for me 🙂

  11. Rossco Williams says:

    11th for me..

  12. Jason MacDonald says:

    im 33… this year was my 3rd in 4 years… late too the festival malarky… so.. whos making up 2015 lineup then Reading Admins?

  13. Benedict Bayes says:


  14. Kyle Sinhal says:

    2003 – ten years in a row

  15. Mary-Jade Clarke says:

    I’ve been every year since 2010 🙂

  16. Beatrix Herriott O'Gorman says:

    2013 & 2014 (still gutted I missed 2011 and 2012 though *sniff sniff*)

  17. Nick Wilson says:

    I’m 45 and I’ve done 1992, 1994,1995 and all of them since 2000

  18. Carrie Irving says:

    Since 1992:)

  19. Shannon Louise Baker says:

    2012 to Reading on the Friday 🙂

  20. Luke Beasley says:

    2009, 2012, 2013, 2014

  21. Vince Chapman says:

    RHCP IT’S BEEN TO LONG SINCE THEY WERE AT READING! 🙁 and to long since I last see them live lol

  22. Sammie Taylor says:

    I’ve been every year since 2003 👽

  23. Ross Hunter Duffy says:

    ha, all of those!

  24. Andrew Buswell says:


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