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Which stage were you at most over the weekend?

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Which stage were you at most over the weekend?

Which stage were you at most over the weekend?



24 Responses

  1. Joe Hollamby says:

    Lock up!

  2. Mette Wetke Koch says:

    Main stage (Y)

  3. Kerri Waterman says:

    Main Stage with a side of NME/Radio 1 and just a dash of Festival Republic πŸ™‚

  4. Mash Noden says:

    Mainy !!!

  5. Beth Newton says:


  6. Emily Ruthwell says:

    Main & NME

  7. Poppy Bunton says:

    Main! (Am&jake bugg) 😍

  8. Harriet Ellis says:

    Abbygail Jenkins noneπŸ˜‚

  9. Macaully Eveleigh says:

    Radio one!/NME!

  10. Macaully Eveleigh says:

    Oh volcano smashed the BBC Introducing stage too!

  11. Amy Caroline Childs says:

    Main Stage😁

  12. Leah Haley says:

    Main stage all day for paramore then nme on the other days

  13. Chloe Young says:

    Haha the dinosaur. Ive never been so envious of a dinosaur! Lucky bean! Hah

  14. Tony Yates says:

    to be honest, I was at Notting Hill Carnival, but I’ll be back in 2015!

  15. Alison Shepherd Was Slevin says:

    NME this year! And then main stage for a few.

  16. Luke Tizzard says:

    Radio 1/NME Stage. Started weekend there, and finished it there too !! πŸ™‚

  17. Petra Rabanser says:

    Main Stage! On the last day The Pit πŸ™‚

  18. Elaine Goddard says:

    Lock Up and FR – went to and fro most of the time.

  19. Ross Jones says:

    Festival Republic

  20. Jason MacDonald says:

    festival republic… best stage and best bands!! little bit of nme, lockup and main… also alternative for milton jones and Katherine ryan

  21. Manon Cht says:

    Main Stage. I spent all my Sunday there, I left it only during Macklemore to see Mayday Parade and Letlive.

  22. Harriet Allen says:

    Dance tent AMAZIN!

  23. Carys Marshall says:


  24. Bob Syson says:

    Radio 1 tent…just brilliant. Skrillex, Tame Impala were massive highlights!

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