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What a way to end an amazing weekend!! Thank you Blink-182!

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What a way to end an amazing weekend!! Thank you Blink-182!

What a way to end an amazing weekend!! Thank you Blink-182!



25 Responses

  1. Dan Davies says:

    Speach less

  2. Fiona Rabbetts says:

    Think you’ll find that’s speechless

  3. Robert Bond says:

    My Life Is Complete, 2 Amazing Sets From Blink 182 Tonight & Paramore Last Night… Reading Festival Rocks 😀

  4. Marco Bahena says:

    Los amoooooo! <3 :3 me mojo :v <3 <3 <3 :3 :3 I LOVE BLINK-182 <3

  5. Ali Mert Cesur says:

    Where the fck your live streaming?

  6. Mark Geer says:

    Buy a reading festival ticket next time

  7. Bethany Anne Dorward says:

  8. Natalie Egbunike says:

    Why aren’t you showing the full Blink set on BBC three ??You’ve shown the full set of other main stage headliners over the last two days why not Blink ahhhh !!

  9. Ashley Savage says:

    Looked amazing!! Hopefully I’ll b there in person next year!!!

  10. Sean Mitchell says:

    give it a couple of hours, they seem to be uploading, rather than streaming… it should be up by tomorrow maybe?

  11. Lee James Hunt says:

    Nice of them to actually turn up and play

  12. Dave Daugirda says:

    Blink 182, load of crap.

  13. Shazza Gregson says:

    Each to their own me I will never change Rock till the end & I love Blink

  14. Jennifer Bed-Collins says:

    Don’t Make me go home tomorrow pleeease!!!

  15. Mary Louise Lewis says:

    blink 182 great

  16. Mark Slater says:

    Blink 182 were average still waiting for the ‘Big Show’ they promised. An 1 hr 25 min set for a Sunday headliner is a joke! Better next year plase Reading!

  17. Amy Shaw-Williams says:

    Blink 182 are legends in their own right and earned their place as headliners at Reading festival so bore off all you haters if you don’t like it don’t watch it!

  18. Roseanna Chew says:

    Saw the coverage on bbc three a short while ago really cool it looked very fun positivity vibes going off from the crowd it looked like! All the small things I like that song they sung very catchy fun to sing along too cool!

  19. Elizabeth Lewis says:

    They played a great set! Much better than last time they headlined 🙂

  20. Paulo Os Vilarinho says:

    Best Show Ever!

  21. Lewis Wilkinson says:

    You’re welcome

  22. Ciara Captain says:

    Was amazing they should have played longer

  23. Lee Stacey says:

    Lol an hour and a half, for a closing headliner! Reading is going down the pan! Saw Muse close in 2011 and they played for over 3hours! Get some better bands next year!

  24. Tebi Pedernera says:


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