We are FSTVL news: Happy Monday! A quick heads up that all Early Bird Tickets will SELL OUT by 9pm …

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Happy Monday! A quick heads up that all Early Bird Tickets will SELL OUT by 9pm tonight at the very latest! x



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Our sincere apologies for anyone that experienced delays coming into the show today.

A reminder to weekend ticket holders you don’t need to re-scan your wristband on Sunday but you will be subject to a search.

To make things quicker for everyone tomorrow we are also adding additional staff, infrastructure and have worked with the technology providers to speed up the ticket checking process.

We welcome all feedback, if you wish to discuss in person please email info@wearefstvl.com
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Absolute disgusting scenes. Cashed in more tickets with less staff and lack of care. I couldn’t even drink my water as I was already desperate for the loo. Queued for 3 hours then again for wristbands which only one staff was handing out. Then he ran out eventually we queued up again. All in all 4 hours spent queuing for only a Saturday wristband instead of full weekend vip. This was my 4th year and I don’t think I’ll be attending again. I’m too tiny to be pushed in a crowd. 😒Felt like the ireland thing where people died. Can’t believe what happened yesterday. No excuse for it.

We’ve been a number of times over a few years and never experienced that like we did yesterday. Over two hours in the heat yesterday’s, people passing out, pushing and panicking. We were right at the front of the stampede and it was an absolute joke. Once we were in there were no wrist bands to get drinks. Whatever they did different this year with regards to tickets, logistics of queuing and security clearly deserves a lot more than a one post explanation!!

Amazing, they pony up the money to get world class line-ups then scrimp on door and bar staff and overcomplicate searches.. Went to we are a few years ago and literally spent about a quarter of my time there queuing for something. Sort it out..

Take pictures of everything and sue...... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/newsbeat-48410269

Me and my friends queued for nearly 3 hours yesterday, in the beaming sun. Water was only being given out to people where security could reach when we were in the middle of it all, all of us had tweeted the event asking for water to be brought to us, due to de hydration and sunstroke with no shade over our heads. People were fainting, being sick and had to resort into peeing in the queue. Once we arrived at the front, there was literally two women with one hand scanner probably attempting to serve thousands of people. The security were extremely rude and just stood there ‘laughing’ and not doing anything when people were telling them to hurry up. For a 40,000 person festival you had three hand scanners for general admission and VIP. I’m pretty sure everyone on this date deserves a refund and some even deserve compensation. We travelled from approximately 2 hours away, to be in a 3 hour queue and miss a majority of the day. You will be hearing from me via email in regards to this. Sophie Long Harriet Dodsworth Katie Macphee Louise Billingham

I have emailed a complaint. Was trampled before even getting into the venue and now have 6 stitches and a scar for life on my leg. No apologies. The information team were absolutely useless. I was bleeding on the floor for over twenty minutes before any medical staff could get to me. It took an hour before I was in the medical tent. Then had what it seemed was a trainee nurse do my stitches! I will be taking this matter further. Been coming to we are for the past 4 years. Absolutely disgusted by what happened today.

Honestly good luck to anyone going tomorrow. My first time here and I won’t be attending AGAIN, after we was basically refused wrist bands after queuing for 3 hours to then be involved in a riot of people pushing through us, throwing barriers and trampling all over us. Seriously get your act together we are, no other festival is like this, I missed so much becusss of your rude staff and uneducated management, the fact I’ve got an injured ankle now is on you when you get my email tomorrow πŸ‘πŸ» And just to add, you left us in the boiling hot heat in a cue that moved every half hour πŸ‘πŸ» 2 people passed out just where we was, people screaming for water and help becusss of people on the floor knocked out and your security did NOTHING

Also like to mention one of the members of security that I tried to speak to was clearly taking drugs. I was on the phone to the London ambulance service and they needed to know which gate I was at. I asked him as he walked past and he said he’s not medical team I said I didn’t ask that I need to know which gate I’m at and he just ignored me and walked off. At this point there was blood all over me. In hospital I met someone that is in your security team. He’d had a funny turn but proceeded to tell me he had had no training and was just given a band to say he was security πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he was saying himself how much of a joke it is! He then told my mum that he was missing smoking his weed as he’d been waiting in the hospital for hours. I just sat there in disbelief staring at my legs thinking. This is why I was trampled today. You should be ashamed of yourselves

It was the most horrific experience of my life. I will be emailing as well. It was dangerous, unprofessional, disorganised and a total catastrophe. We didn’t even make it to security. After being trampled on snd squashed to death we decided it was best we left. We couldn’t even get a refund for our car park. Awful. And such a shame.

Thanks God o didn’t go! Absolutely joke for a festival of this dimension

This is the result of not enough staff and making people stand out in the heat for hours. I was lucky enough that a guy grabbed my hand and pulled me from beneath the people. My leg ripped open on the fence that was pushed down by people pushing us down. I’ve never been so scared in my entire life. I’m convinced that if that boy hadn’t pulled me and others out we would’ve died. Would love to know who he is to thank him properly. At the time I just ran for my life with blood pissing out of my leg. No one from the PR team in the medical tent to speak to people either. Had my stitches then was sent away to just make my own way home. Asked the information team if anyone would help me home and they just pointed in the direction of the exit πŸ˜‚ I said you want me to walk through all those people after just being trampled and having 6 stitches in my leg and she said ‘do you want me to walk you?’ No actually I’d like someone to talk to me about what the hell happened and some sort of apology I think a taxi home would be a start. It’s disgraceful

Festival is over rated! Over priced hardly any money put back into the stages and decor. Less than 9 weeks till Tomorrowland can’t wait! πŸ’ͺ

Give us times for sunday , so we know what time we should come πŸ™‚

The waiting time to get in was a disgrace! never known anything like it, one man searching for 2 massive queues, people waiting hours to get in, far to few staff!

That's so sad. We went last year and no problem at all! Went straight in after a search

Tracey Ann read these comments, u should see the videos of the que’s! So glad we didn’t rebook to go this year!! X

Inbox me if anyone has a Sunday ticket available πŸ‘Œ

Any Sunday tickets available?? PM Me!

Every year since camping shambles

Gemma Salt this is the festival we were going to! Thank fk for ticket reselling sites πŸ™πŸ½ read the comments on here. Sounds horrendous

Get there early and take a bottle of water. Job done!

Couldn’t even get any pills! Cheers sons crying now

The worst festival queue I have ever queued in. The first part outside everyone kept surging forward up against the barriers to then be told by security to “to get back you animals” when you couldn’t as you were being pushed forward. Then, to then get to the queue where we waiting 2.5 hrs we saw people collapse, fights - to which no security could see or help! Finally we were around 10 from being searched and the massive surge happened we were pushed through where all the tables had been knocked on the floor so people were falling over. Security told me to run so I couldn’t help anyone they said it was to dangerous. I lost my boyfriend so was alone and scared. When I finally got hold of him he had advised a girl was being trampled on so tried to help her, as a result no one would let him up so he was crawling trying to get forward, luckily a man helped him up. This is now his leg and today his knee is very swollen. Once we were through we had no means of getting a drink as we had no bands. The lockers I had pre booked like last year are a joke! AGAIN ANOTHER queue. I have never witnessed so many queues. The vibe inside the festival wasn’t good. People were then just doing all they’re drugs to make the situation good. I found a guy completely fucked and fitting took him to security they were just shaking they’re head... like what the hell??! In all fairness I felt sorry for the staff , untrained and certainly some of them not competent. They were a reason and a part of a complete shambles. The WORST experience at festival by far. I hope this is damaging to the brand or those like me are compensated. I also hope to see bosses and people who have arranged this festival witnessing what people have experienced at the gates today, utterly disgusting and disappointing.

Absolutely shocking yesterday! Have been going for years however I Will not be attending EVER again. Disgusting

It was sooooo good back in the day. Now it’s all money, drugs and doing it for the gram. Line up gets ruined when you can’t even get into the site.

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17 hours ago


Terminal One. We Are FSTVL 2019. HUGE b2b2b Jamie Jones / Marco Carola / The Martinez Brothers. Super Hero stuff on here πŸ‘Š ... See MoreSee Less


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Loved every minute of it !!!!

Need x1 Sunday ticket

Zachary Woods-Dean

Need 1 Sunday ticket.

Nicolás Alberte

Looking for 1 Sunday ticket

Brad McCorkell

Byron Lee hope your ready boii

Anyone selling x2 Sunday tickets? πŸ™‹πŸΌ‍♀οΈπŸ™‹πŸΌ‍♀️

Alessandro Boscolo

Full mix anywhere?

2 x tickets Sunday v.i.p for sale inbox me .. e-tickets

Rebecca Chambers Hannah Marie Janes

Sunday tickets anyone x

The Martínez Brothers in the House πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Need 2 Sunday tickets 🎫

Daisy De La Torre πŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸ½

2 tickets for sale for Sunday. Inbox me if interested

Must be a sweatbox if it's now 20c outside

Love it - upbeat business

Sunday ticket for sale if interested x

Wesley Venning 😒😭

Lewis Baxter Tom Munday Alex Zimmerman

George Gill

Boop boop

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