Watchet Festival news: We’ve had a lot feedback once again about the size of the queues at the bar. Apo…

Latest update from Watchet Festival

We’ve had a lot feedback once again about the size of the queues at the bar. Apologies.

We were aware of the problem from previous years and did bring in a 2nd bar (cider bar) this year to cut the queueing time down. From the feedback we received from staff, we thought the queues at the main bar weren’t as long as previous years.

Given the size constraints we have at Watchet (we are at the top of a cliff remember) what solutions would you suggest we bring in to cut the queuing time down?

We can’t make the bar bigger remember without losing or moving something which we couldn't do as we think the layout of the festival works really well 👍😁 Split bars including a can bar is our best idea so far.

Sensible answers please. Thank you x

Watchet Music Festival


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Here's one for the kids...
Lets make some posters for the festival, these could be hand washing, picking litter up etc..
If these are done on a4 pieces of paper we can laminate them and use them on site.

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Can us adults join in to 😃

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2 weeks ago

Farmer Phil's Festival

turn your heads to the side and have a listen to these folk that will hopefully be joining us in August xx ...

How's everyone enjoying #selfisolationSaturday? We mentioned this earlier in the week and we're delighted now to bring you the official Farmer Phil's Festival 2020 Spotify playlist.

It's the next best thing to being in the field with us - your new favourite artist/band is waiting for you to discover them! Please share this far and wide, and let us know who you're enjoying the most in the comments!

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MY BABY, T'pau/Carol Decker, Mungo Jerry, Piston, The Kaizens, Mighty Vipers, Joe Dolman, Tin Pigeons, You Dirty Blue, Hunted By Elephants, Captain Stingray's Groove Machine, Beki Brindle Band, BIG JOE BONE, Drowning Days, The Adrenaline Rush, Johnny Kowalski and the Sexy Weirdos.


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Hey guys!
Brighten up our day and post your favourite pic or memory of farmer phil's over the years ☺️

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We love you Farmer Phil’s 💚🌍♻️

Can’t top this Dinosaur loving a muddy dance floor ⧊

And that one

me & my boys, Pint, Half pint & tot

This was at least 12 years ago. Possibly longer Clare Passey

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Thank you all for your supportive comments following our COVID-19 statement yesterday. We remain optimistic that this year’s Farmer Phil’s Festival will still go ahead. Please keep checking our website and social media channels for the latest updates.

In the meantime, Steve has been putting together a Spotify playlist for this year’s artists and we hope to be able to share this with you in the coming days.

Stay safe and look after each other x

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If it doesn't happen this year we'll have to make 21 one hell of a knees up eh

Jeanette Brookes let’s be hopeful for this one xxx

You too x

All the best to you folks! Just thinking outside the box a bit. Could we pre-pay for the beer tokens and save cash handling on site.

Really hope it is on but if not we will survive and just have to make next year the best ever. 🎉😎

Love the spotify lists thank you xx

Matt Williams

Really hope this year goes ahead. Still waiting for our fridge magnet from the advent 😂 x

Thank you for keeping us informed. Fingers crossed you can go ahead. I’m happy for you to roll over our ticket money until next year but please can we have the same line up. I was so looking forward to My Baby.

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37 thoughts on “Watchet Festival news: We’ve had a lot feedback once again about the size of the queues at the bar. Apo…

  1. I didn’t think the queues were that bad tbh, never waited longer than 10 minutes at any given time and just ordered 2 drinks at a time if a band we wanted to watch was on next.
    We didn’t use the cider tent as don’t drink it!!
    The guys in the bar tent did a great job of keeping things moving as swiftly as possible.
    Is it more the case of inpatient people moaning? 🤔.
    See you next year😎

  2. Have you ever visited the fake festival in Taunton? They have a voucher system, which works out at £3.50
    Per pint,everything is on tap, so you purchase how many vouchers you would like from a separate cashier system, then walk directly to the bar, hand over you voucher and walk away. From experience I think this works incredibly well cutting down the waiting time at the bar, giving the bar staff time to just serve drinks and not worry about dealing with money. Food for thought;-)

  3. Have tape barriers in the bar to split it into 4 separate queues during the day to ease the huge crowds. I didn’t find them particularly bad this year and it was a great opportunity to talk to new people!

  4. Small pop up bars scattered around the site doesn’t take up much room. Also could you have people walking round selling cans or pouring from a back pack?
    Great festival anyway, been coming since 2009, can’t wait till next year. 👍

  5. luckily we mainly used the cider bar, fab fruit cider and the queues weren’t too bad , it didn’t help that some folk lined their chairs up so you had to battle through rows and rows with hardly any gaps left to wendle your way through hahahha

  6. I thought the queues were shorter and quicker. The people behind the bar cheery and helpful and the Cotleigh 25 excellent! (This comment from my friend Rog Sheppard who usually finds ‘festival beer’ pretty grim

  7. I don’t think it was worth complaining about if there was a hundred people in the four queues at a time you were at the front within 5 minutes which is about the same time you would wait at any wetherspoons. You will never keep everyone happy so ignore moaners and carry on doing what your doing 👍

  8. Depends on your technique. Do you have a person serving a customer each time or do you pre pour the drinks and have a serving team and a pouring team?
    The latter is the most efficient way of dealing with the customers.

  9. I think the bar is excellent and has been all the 7 times i have been too Watchet! The staff are superb and the prices are brilliant! Bars do get busier at certain times. Just accept it and cherish the festival as a whole. It is amazing!!!

  10. Beer gardens serve literally thousands very quickly by offering very little choice and having it ready. Have a pint bar that serves 3 brews, one lager, one cider, one bitter. In and out in less than a minute.

    Everyone benefits because this takes the strain off the other bars selling a wider choice.

  11. Have properly defined queues. My main issue was that it was a free for all and on more than one occasion I ended up wearing half of my drink because I had to fight through the crowd or people didn’t move because they didn’t want to lose their “spot”.

  12. Tokens he same as Jurassic Fields, buy drinks tokens away from bar area then exchange tokens for drinks, easy 1 token = 1 beer 2 tokens = 2 drinks etc. no cash. no problem for those serving as there is no change.?

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