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Watchet Festival news: Watchet Festival 2019

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Watchet Festival news: Watchet Festival 2019

Latest update from Watchet Festival

Only a week ago, seems longer! Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed Watchet 2019, a big thanks to Fresh FX for filming and recording the festival again for us this this year! Here is the short video of this years festival full version to follow!


Watchet Festival 2019

Watchet memories 2019, thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed!

Watchet Music Festival


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14 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Antony Hutchinson spotted you and Emily in this video

  2. Stephen Priddle says:

    Jenny Steve Dodds watch the video lol

  3. Rod Prime says:

    Brilliant can’t wait till next year xx

  4. Colin Hunter says:

    Sums it up perfectly 😄👍

    See you all next year 😊

  5. Danny Riches says:

    early bird tickets on sale yet ????? lol great festival with fantastic people.

  6. Hayley Ingram says:

    Looking forward to nxt year already😀😀😀😀

  7. Jan Freeman says:

    The best yet -cant wait until next year !!👍🏽x

  8. Brenda Woodward says:

    Thank you to everyone who organised, volunteered and worked hard. Amazing week end.

  9. Phil Samways says:

    Brilliant festival !!!! I thought the bar worked well this year rather then the usual free for all….

  10. Chris Carter says:

    Cracking weekend!!

  11. Rod Prime says:

    When are the tickets on sale for next year ✌✌

  12. Lucy Broom says:

    Kevin Gibbs your at the start x

  13. Break Beat Bandits says:

    What an amazing festival! Never have we been treated so well. Please can we come back! 🙏😘😁

  14. Lizzie G-p says:

    Georgia Dix-McGrath you made it…can I have your autograph?! 😉😂

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