Watchet Festival news: Skimmity Hitchers Showreel

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The next act to introduce and welcome to the line up, are possibly one of the most requested south west based acts we have been asked to get along to Watchet….

Rising from the cider soaked floors of Dorset’s back street boozers, now roam the full girth of the West Country and beyond. Bringing their dry and fruity blend of Scrumpy & Western music to venues, festivals and fairs, these scrumpy swillin’ reprobates appeal to young and old, and everyone from folkies to cider punks, beardy badgers to shifty blaggers.
Their blend razor sharp parodies and original material with a raucous stage show, spontaneous audience interaction, cheeky banter and general cider shenanigans…

ladies and Gentleman on this 7th Day of Advent ! we welcome the The Skimmity Hitchers who will be taking over the Udder stage on Sunday 25th August.

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