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Watchet Festival news: Please take a moment to read this post in full. Hopefully it will answer most of…

Latest update from Watchet Festival

Please take a moment to read this post in full. Hopefully it will answer most of your questions.


Q1. When does the camping field open?

A1). Camping areas will open at 10am on the Friday (24th August) please do not arrive before 10am on the Friday as the police will be on hand at the site and THEY WILL move you on.

Q2. Can I buy a car park ticket upon arrival?

A2). Yes, but to speed up the car parking you are strongly requested to have your pre-purchased car park ticket (£10 via the website) or have the EXACT cash, readily to hand (your entry into the car park may be delayed if you don’t – stewards won’t have change on them!).

Q3. Can I drive my car into the camping field to unload?

A3). For safety reasons; Cars or trailers are not permitted in the camping/campervan fields under any circumstances.

Q4. I couldn’t get a campervan/motorhome pass, can I buy one upon arrival? If not, can I sleep in my car/campervan/Motorhome in the car park?

A4). CAMPERVAN/MOTORHOME PASSES MUST HAVE BEEN PURCHASED IN ADVANCE – they cannot be purchased at the gate, no access will be permitted to the campervan area without a valid, size appropriate pass.

No access to the car park will be given to Campervans/motorhomes/live in vehicles.

Please note; should you arrive in a campervan/motorhome/live-in vehicle and not be in possession of a campervan/motorhome pass, no entry will be given. No ticket refund will be given should you decide to not attend the festival

For safety reasons; You may not sleep in a car – the car park will be patrolled day and night by security. You will be asked to leave site (with no re-admittance) should you be found to be sleeping in your car. No exceptions! No refunds! For safety/security reasons;

Once again – Campervans/Motorhomes may not be parked in the car park area – this decision follows several incidents in 2016 of people attempting to sleep in their campervan/motorhome/live-in vehicles in the car park.

Q5. Can I bring my pet with me?

A5. As per our land lease agreement; No pets are allowed in the back stage, campervan, camping, car park, arena areas. Should anyone be found to have brought a pet with them they will be requested to make alternative plans for the pet or leave the festival. No refunds will be given.

Q6. Are fires, fire pits, bbq’s permitted?

A6. Due to our licensing conditions and land lease agreement, no fires, fire pits or disposable barbecues are permitted in the backstage area or camping, campervan and motorhome fields. Camping stoves (raised) only please.

Q7. Are gazebos allowed in the camping areas?

A7. No gazebos are permitted in ANY camping or campervan area. Space is at a premium. Stewards will be on hand to ensure any gazebo put up is taken down. One small windbreak may be put up per group.

Q8. Can I pitch any part of my tent in the Fire Lane?

A8. Fire lanes must be kept completely clear at all times (this includes tent guy ropes).

Q9. Do I have to bring anything with me if I’m staying in the campervan field?

A9. For safety reasons; All live-in vehicles are advised to bring a fire extinguisher or fire blanket in accordance with the most recent fire regulations- you may be asked to show this upon entry.

Q10. What time does the car park close for entry?

A10. For safety reasons; There is STRICTLY no admission by any vehicle to the car park/campervan field after 10.00pm. Please be sure to arrive before then. If you have to leave site, make sure you return before 10.00pm. Should you arrive on site after 10pm you will NOT be given admission to the site until 10am the following morning.

Q11. Can I bring my sound system?

A11. For licensing reasons; We are very sorry but we cannot allow ANY independent sound systems in the camping or campervan fields.

Q12. I won’t have a weekend camping wristband can I go into the camping areas to see a friend or family member?

A12. For security reasons; Only people with weekend camping wristbands will be allowed entry into the camping/campervan areas. Day ticket and non camping ticket holders WILL NOT be admitted.

Q13. Can my children run between the camping field and arena areas unaccompanied?

A13. For safety reasons; Children (12 and under) will not be admitted to, or from, the arena into/from the camping areas unless accompanied by a responsible adult/parent/guardian.

Q14. Can I bring my own food & drink?

A14. If you are camping or staying in your campervan/motorhome you may bring your own food and drink into those areas. However, no food or drink can be brought into the festival arena. No glass bottles etc are to be brought onto the festival camping areas/arena. Please note Security will be conducting searches of bags etc (we know the usual hiding places 😎) upon entering the arena from the camping areas and entrance gate. Patrols will also take place in the camping areas. Empty plastic bottles may be taken into the arena; Water will be available in the arena.

Due to the licensing requirements, NO alcohol may be taken into OR FROM the arena. No exceptions.

Q15. What is your drugs policy?

A15. Any attempted sale of drugs either in the festival arena, car parks, camping areas or the town will result in arrest and perpetrators being banned from this and future festivals. Random bag searches will take place upon entry to the festival and throughout the festival. The police and security will be patrolling all areas, night and day.

Q15. What happens if I loose my wristband?

A15. Wristbands must be worn at all times; lost ones will not be replaced. If your wristband is too tight or loose, return to the entrance tent immediately where a member of the festival staff will replace it. Anyone found without an appropriate wristband will be removed from site immediately (no refund will be given).

Q16. I am disabled, what provisions are made for people with a disability?

A16. Watchet LIVE attempt to offer any disabled visitor to the festival as much assistance as possible to ensure you enjoy the festival experience, please see link below.


Q17. What time do we have to be off site by?

A17. All campers and live in vehicles are to be off site by Midday on Monday 27th August 2018.

Q18. Can I get a refund if I cannot go?

A18. Ticket orders cannot be exchanged or refunded more than 28 days after the purchase date.

Please note that the above are none negotiable. We will repeat this notice many times between now and the festival and ignorance of these restrictions will not be considered grounds to be admitted.

Any other questions please ask it as a comment on this post.

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And this my friends is how we keep him off the digger 😂 like Phil says in the video our super early bird tickets sold out really fast, and our early bird tickets are also selling quickly so please take advantage of the discounted tickets.
Were busy in the office going through band applications so if you've not sent one in and wish to do so can you please get them in soon, also any recommendations are welcomed.

Thankyou again for your continued love and support
Farmer Phil and the team x
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