Watchet Festival news: Due to the amazing response of our early bird ticket options, more than half the…

Latest update from Watchet Festival

Due to the amazing response of our early bird ticket options, more than half the festival’s TOTAL ticket allocation has now been sold. Thank you xx

ALL remaining WEEKEND tickets (camping & non-camping) are now only on sale at Tier 3 prices. PLEASE BE ADVISED – Camping tickets are getting very, very close to selling out so, don’t leave it too late before getting yours.

FYI – Local camp sites are telling us that they have already been getting a lot of bookings for the festival weekend from those staying in caravans etc of site attending. If you want to bring a caravan, trailer tent or simply want to stay off site, now is the time to book your pitch.

Day tickets will be in sale from February.

Thank you x

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I would like to take this time to remind everyone that we do have a chat group on Facebook, this is where you can all ask fellow Farmer Phil’ers questions, get some advice and have a general chat, we do also post in there and we do answer questions you might have so please some and take a look ask to join and be apart of wider family of Farmer Phils Festival
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Farmer Phil is on BBC Radio Shropshire tonight between 8:30 and 9:00 pm... tune in to see what he has to say! 📻 ... See MoreSee Less


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BBC Radio Shropshire

Anyhow, here’s my take on the radio interview “I have to say that Adam Crowther and Jolon Kemp-Walker are in my opinion, the most sycophantic duo I’ve heard on the radio. As for Phil, he came across ok. I think he should have perhaps thanked more people by name than just Russell. I take his point about people listening to artists before judging them, something I’ve said on here many a time but what was also clear from what he said was that he’s chosen this year’s lineup based purely on what he likes (artists and tribute bands that put on a show) rather than what he thinks his (until now) loyal FPs attendees will like. I think that’s one of the reasons why so many people are upset this year and are staying away, not because most of the artists are new, or because Ferocious Dog aren’t playing but because they feel Phil has ignored them and they are being asked to pay to watch a show made up primarily of people Phil likes. I really hope this experiment doesn’t back fire. I for one would miss Phil’s, I love all the people and the atmosphere. As for the artists I will do what Phil has asked .... I will give my honest opinion on the artists, after I have seen them play this year.”

He did good...great trailer for the event..and he almost gave a name check to our very own Bob Shaw


C’mon glyn don’t be shy

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