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Dear all,

It’s been a week since we first announced the return of Watchet Festival and what a week it’s been. We’ve genuinely, been blown away by the level of support we have received. From the very bottom of our hearts …..Thank you one and all ❤️

8 days ago we’d have never imagined ……

All Tier 1 tickets (500) selling out in the first 10 hours.

All Tier 1 ticket extension tickets (additional 100) selling out in only 2 hours.

90% of ALL Tier 2 tickets (1000) selling out in the first 7 days.

Based on these Early Bird ticket sales, we strongly expect the remaining 2400 full price tickets (4000 capacity) to sell out in record time too – especially once we start to announce the line-up!!

So, take our advice, if you haven’t bought a discounted ticket yet, SERIOUSLY, don’t leave it too long, especially if you want to grab yourself a bargain.

Secondly, if you are sat at home saying “I’m going to wait and see the full line-up before I buy a ticket” that’s fine but …… don’t leave it too late, you may well miss the boat – once we announce our first few artists we expect tickets to fly out!!

Thirdly, Don’t forget to buy your car parking ticket or campervan permit at the same time 😎

Watchet Music Festival


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Who remembers the old site? and can you spot yourself or friends in this picture, get tagging if you can
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Who remembers the old site? and can you spot yourself or friends in this picture, get tagging if you can


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I remember it..... Hazel O’Connor headlined the Saturday night.... She was rubbish... but Pauline Black and Selecta were brilliant

I loved this site. The view from the bank was amazing. Kids could wonder about freely and we could always see them. 😍

I saw Dik Guru on that stage he was hilarious get him back

The old site was wonderful, especially if you had young children. My youngest daughter say's that she looks forward to Farmer Phil's more than Christmas 😍

Leroy Alexander is that you in your John Deere hat on right of this pic, sure that’s me, you, Si and Annie 🤔

Old site was good. Main stage, bar & bogs much better now but absolutely not getting that lovin' feeling for for the dark damp mosquito den of the second stage.

No! She isn't always rubbish! I've seen her a few times and she has been brilliant!!

I loved the old site. It was perfect to chill and give the kids a bit of 'freedom' within our view.

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