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Was anyone brave enough to go on this ride at Reading? 🤗️

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Was anyone brave enough to go on this ride at Reading? 🤗️

Was anyone brave enough to go on this ride at Reading? 🤗👌❤️



25 Responses

  1. Kimberly Van Bever says:

    Sofie De Cuyper yes we were 😂

  2. Nicole Williams says:

    Lauren Staley Jodie Brown did you guys go on this? hahaha

  3. Sean Barry says:

    James remember this 😂

  4. Dean Knott says:

    Natalie Osman “I CAN SEE OUR TENT HOLY SHiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”

  5. Dean Williams says:

    Jo England was this the one? 😂😂

  6. Matthew Dickenson says:

    Lol remember this Oliver Tubb Again this year? 😛 Courtney-Rose Frampton

  7. Matt Geer says:

    That’s more exciting than the fucking lineup so far I know that much

  8. Orlaith Mallen says:

    Kia Clark imagine this one we’d die hahaha

  9. Cormac De Búitléir says:

    Evan Locke Henrique Chong Suh dude

  10. Teagan Cliff says:

    Emilia Clark Hannah Griffin Megan O’Brien Jessica Trowbridge Ella Barbato Chloe White

  11. Louis Griffiths says:

    Luke Meeajaun I couldn’t, I would have thrown up

  12. Mike Chapter says:

    Courtney Gray RyAn Wardie

  13. Alexx Eleanor Irwin says:

    Lewis Mikey you two nearly cried 😂

  14. Laura Goulden says:

    Alice Birkin yaaaaass

  15. Karl Hili says:


  16. Sian Tunstall says:

    Oliver Hames you

  17. Peter Whitwell says:

    Claire Louise we’re doing this one 😬😱xxx

  18. Jamie Plummer says:

    I couldn’t see I was so drunk, so no.. 👍🏻

  19. Amanda Biddiscombe says:

    Kate Woodward?? X

  20. Billy Browning says:

    Tim Austin

  21. Richard Seán Brittain says:

    Liam Heidrich

  22. Jessica Smith says:

    Molly Charlotte Georgia Daisy

  23. Wiktoria Cwiek says:

    This year lets do ittttt 😍 TTiam TilaviAAyo Jay Bammeke

  24. Aisha Myers says:

    Niamh Cray (I think it was this one)

  25. Kerry South says:

    Louise South This is the ride! 😁😁 xx

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