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Volunteer at Reading Festival and get a free festival ticket

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Volunteer at Reading Festival and get a free festival ticket

Want a free ticket for Reading ’16? Our friends Hotbox Events are looking for volunteers to help out at the festival. More info here –

Volunteer at Reading Festival and get a free festival ticket

Want to volunteer at Reading Festival and nab yourself a free festival ticket in the process? Join our Campsite Assistant Teams!



25 Responses

  1. Zoe Cooper says:

    It’s not “free” though is it?!..you have to pay £200 odd to be registered as a volunteer

  2. Matt Turvey says:

    Karl Barrow

  3. Rachael Duffin says:

    Amy Wilson

  4. Edith Martinez says:


  5. Hannah Timoney says:

    Molly Armer

  6. Labida Labidova says:

    I feel like helping on that festival

  7. Gear Me Up says:


    We have created a product that will take all your festival problems away
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  8. Lorraine Audrey Ashley says:

    Selina Vu Gloria Laoye

  9. Min Shepherd says:

    Kornelia Kowalska looks like our only way in hahaha

  10. Ethan Moore says:

    Oliver Salmon

  11. Ethan Moore says:

    Lorcan Moore

  12. Natalie Bishop says:

    Alice Gant?

  13. Lyndsay Menzies says:

    Bronte Gavey ?

  14. Sinéad Shepherd says:

    Charlene Ó HEarcáin

  15. Rebecca Davies says:

    Tom Hughes Viktor Milov

  16. Marcella Love says:

    Rebecca Love

  17. Gerard Espanyol says:

    James Evans

  18. Jos Hartwig says:

    Toby Davis Shall we do this? haha

  19. Lucy Barker says:

    Destiny Bemrose

  20. Sharon Stokes says:

    Ryan Couch

  21. Mandy McDonald says:

    Colin Peter Mcdonald 😂

  22. Brodie Burnett says:

    Lucymay Wilton

  23. Josh Melville says:

    Kiya Ingham

  24. Marilyn Carter says:

    Reading Festival Accomodation. Funky apartments, rooms and houses available to musicians and festival goers. Chill out and party rooms available. Local to festival site and already quality assured for standard. Private message for details. Whatever your needs a festival fairy will help.

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