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Victorious Festival news: We love having loads of fab festival parents attend the festival!…

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Victorious Festival news: We love having loads of fab festival parents attend the festival!…

Latest update from Victorious Festival

We love having loads of fab festival parents attend the festival!

As it’s world breastfeeding week we thought we’d remind you of all the awesome facilities we have on site for festival families!

The Kids Arena has a dedicated baby change/breastfeeding facility. Stocked to the rafters with nappies and changing wipes the baby change tent makes festivals with really little ones a doddle!

Also, all activities and entertainment in the Kids Arena are free! Making Victorious the perfect place to make the most of your Bank Holiday weekend with all the family!

5-15 year olds- £8 a day
Under 5’s – £1 a day
Standard tickets- £35/£42 a day

Tickets available here- http://bit.ly/2hzHQWj (fees apply)

Victorious Festival


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25 Responses

  1. Harrie Arnold says:

    Sarah Taylor

  2. Lauren Standing says:

    Kane Lelacheur

  3. Lauren Standing says:

    Anna Andrews me and the kids are going, I reckon lottie would love this x

  4. Kirstin Milne says:

    Sian Milne and Tom Gasson – the kids area looks even better this year! Xx

  5. Catherine Arnold says:

    Ben Arnold. Are we going to be in here all day!!

  6. Lucy Miles says:

    Danielle £8 for kids ticket x

  7. Clair Williams says:

    Alun Williams, Denise Wall x

  8. Lucy Cobbett says:

    Eva Barnard kiddoke??? ill see u there x

  9. Samantha Mould says:

    Catie Allan cause you’ll still be underage I can drop you off at the colouring tent if you’d like? 😉😉

  10. David James Poole says:

    Frances Emma Poole Talia is going to lose her sh—- ! Paw patrol!

  11. Catherine Doust says:

    Donna Louise

  12. Abi Hunt says:

    Jack Tinn peppa pigs there!!

  13. Amy Wass says:

    The feeding and changing tent at victorious is just brilliant. But it would be great to keep it open beyond 6 so the babies can party til late

  14. Crystal Findlay says:

    Hannah Allen

  15. Kev Stempien says:

    Rosie Miller

  16. Iona Cranstone says:

    Fran Broad we can meet peppa pig and paw patrol 😋😉😂 xx

  17. Fiona Davey says:

    It would be awesome if you could have a family toilet area, I know it’s a festival, but it’s supposed to family friendly and the toilets definitely are not 😬

  18. Carol Coker says:

    Rhakira Higgins

  19. Dave O'Neill says:


  20. Aaron Wilson says:

    Do you stock a tantrum repellant?

  21. Laura Baker says:

    Marie Bundy this is what I was talking about today, what do ya reckon sis? Xx

  22. Caroline Firbank says:

    Laura Firbank – Ben will love Peppa and George story time plus Mr Bloom! Xx

  23. Will Short says:

    Jake Topp you can take Ciaran to Peppa Pig world x

  24. Josie West says:

    Joanne did you know Peppa is going to be there 🙈

  25. Jean Howard says:

    Christina Sunderland just seen this! john and i might join you this year!

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