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Victorious Festival news: Victorious is on the horizon, literally! …

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Victorious Festival news: Victorious is on the horizon, literally! …

Latest update from Victorious Festival

Victorious is on the horizon, literally!

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Victorious Festival


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25 Responses

  1. Peter Dawe says:

    Great to see! Do you have extra speakers this year so you can hear more further back?

  2. Swade Cordwell says:

    Jamie Churcher can’t waaaaaait 😘👌 xxx

  3. Samm L Doyle says:

    Abbi Matley Jamie Phelps Caroline Le-Billon Paul Hutchinson Louise Warren

  4. Gayle Lyon says:

    Dianne Farrell xx

  5. Karen Lawson says:

    Tasha Pack

  6. Stuart Heasman says:

    Duncan Carmichael

  7. Amanda Jane Clowes says:

    James Clowes,Charlie Kellaway!

  8. Julia Parton says:

    Dave Thomas what we were saying about. Can’t wait!!

  9. Michelle Rose Woodhouse says:

    Can’t wait!! 😎😎

  10. Sam Adams says:

    Harry Redman Greg Crowe

  11. Rachel Louise Hicks says:

    Shereece Tyas

  12. Vic Payne says:

    Fay Gary!!

  13. Mandy Tanner says:

    Can’t wait 😊😊

  14. Nick Mahony says:

    There soon!!

  15. Elisabeth Greimel says:

    Rachael Churchley soooon! 🙂

  16. Zoe Lewis says:

    Andrew Armstrong Vicky Hale does it make me lame that I got excited seeing my machine 😂😂

  17. Andrew Armstrong says:


  18. Lyn Tier says:

    Victoria Armstrong Jasmine Adams xx

  19. Jayne Feltham says:

    Can’t wait

  20. Colin Cannon says:

    Jo Birkett 🙂

  21. Ben Brookes says:

    Exciting times. X

  22. Rachel Louise says:

    Ashleigh Lorren

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