Victorious Festival news: Awesome shout-outs by The Libertines , Kaiser Chiefs, Shed Seven, Ian Broudie an…

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Awesome shout-outs by The Libertines , Kaiser Chiefs, Shed Seven, Ian Broudie and the Lightning Seeds!

We’re glad to see they are excited for Summer too! We can’t wait to welcome them all to the festival for our Friday night!

It’s going to be unmissable! Friday tickets only £25!
Snap your tickets up at-
(fees apply)

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We're thrilled to announce that Dermot O' Leary will be joining us for Victorious 2018!

He's been a big supporter of Victorious on the airwaves and we can't wait to welcome him to the festival line up. You can catch him DJing from the stunning Seaside stage on Sunday afternoon!

Victorious Tickets just £40-45 a day

Buy yours here--->
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Lets go to a live music event and stand around listening to prerecorded music. Wasted slot.

Get rhythm of the 90’s there if you’re struggling to fill a stage for Christ’s sake - they had the whole field dancing!!

Reasons not to go 1-10 Dermot O'Leary x 10 number 11£ 40 😲

Anyone selling any early bird Saturday tickets please?

Dermot?! Jesus... I was tempted to go but maybe not now!!!

Dermot O’Leary. A man of no discernible talent or personality. Wow. A big attraction. Not. We come for the atmosphere and the great band line up. He adds nothing.

We've got Paul Weller, The Prodigy, Brian Wilson and now Dermot O'leary!?! Holy christ the gig angels in heaven have been looking down on me! 😂😂😂

Sue Rogers do you definitely not want to go ? X

Jodie Dowsett you loves a bit of Dermot dont ya!

He should do a back2back set with Steve Wright, would be proper banging that.

I don't know how to react. If it's a joke it's well executed, but if it isn't it's a great lineup sullied because some marketing tosspot thinks we'd be better off with that bloke off the telly.

Cnt wait paul weller an the prodigy to end it all incerdible lol xx.

Tasha Kelly....”Dermot O’Leary” 😂😂 kills me every time

Molly Jackson you'll be reunited!!!!

God is that the best they can do pay for a ticket which ant cheap by the way for the hole wkend an his bloody face is there yr having a buble surely rite lol xx.

Sue Taylor, will need to make sure you visit the Seaside Stage this year! Cx

Can’t wait for this Jamie Smith

Definitely not thinking of going now, Is that the best you can offer;-(

Dale Goves gunna be brilliant! 😂

Steve Groves thank God I'm not going on Sunday 😂

Lol your Sunday night starts right here richard lewin

Ummm this adds to the reasons for us to get a ticket Kala Rowland 😍

Ahhh we're going Saturday

Jon Broomfield Dean Dawson Charlotte Manser come in get involved!!! Festival time with family friends, food and drink & hopefully lots of sunshine 🌞 🍷☀️👌🏼 x x x

Michelle Quinn bit of Dermot before all hell breaks loose with The Prodigy!

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☀️🔥This heatwave has seriously got people in the festival spirit! Thanks to everyone who's snapping up tickets!!!

Not long now Portsmouth!🌊

Remaining tickets here--->
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What bands are playing?

Kirsty Hendrie Louise x

Jamie Linnell x

when will stage times be announced?

Zoe Oakley£50 for the Saturday

Was fantastic last year, was there Friday and Saturday, going Friday and Sunday this year

Anyone got any early bird Saturday tickets they can't use please?

Ben Mayor years and years are here too

What does a premium upgrade/ bolt on include?

Daniel Turtle can you let your dad know about this please

When will times be announced?

Not long Ethan Stone!

Daniel Swan 👌🏻 3 days of tuuuuuunes

Brad Howe Charlotte James xx

Mat Barr.

Jason Wichett

Lou Lynch

Natalie Llewop

Pauline Wallis Short Saturday Paul welled and Neenah cherry

Richard Thomas just sayin...x

John Rayment

Vicki Penfold

Wayne Miller

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