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Latest Festival Flyer update from Vicar’s Picnic

The Vicar’s Picnic


The bike certainly was popular

Willow and Joey absolutely loved VP last year! Can’t wait for this one 😀


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1 week ago

The Vicar's Picnic

Hey Picnickers, apologies we haven't communicated with you all sooner. Truth be known, we have found it hard to say it out loud, there won't be another wonderful VP this year. It had become a true labour of love and passion over the years built from the ground up in a Yalding garden. The risk of putting on the show, to the high standard we have created several years on, lays a heavy financial burden alongside an unpaid full time job as festival organisers. Our one sole reward was seeing you, our wonderful picnickers enthusiasm and amazing support alongside the charity's we have supported along the way, thank you all for joining us on this magical journey. We hope this won't be the end of our love affair (really, it's not you, it's me.) keep an eye on us as we scheme, to see what happens to the Vicar's Picnic next. Much love x VP ...

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such a shame but totally understandable given the work involved. I'm sure most people would be happy to pay an increased ticket cost and let the organisers take a wage from it which would only be fair, im sure it could be done in a way that the charities would also still get something.

What a shame but I get it.. well done guys xxx

Such a shame to see no picnic this year, it has been a pleasure working along side you with Star Protection... I hope you do come back bigger and better (dont know how) than before as your followers well family will miss you.... ❤❤❤

A great little festival. Thanks to everyone involved. See you again one day

Ah, that's a shame. We went in 2017 and 2018 and had a great time. Thank you for all your hard work and for the good times xxx

Great shame - hope you get things rockin and rollin next year!

Such a shame, but understandable. Thanks for all the amazing V.Ps you gave us. Some great times.

Such a shame. As a trader it was my favourite event. Such a happy vibe. Hope you bring us something soon xxx

Such a shame. Great local festival. Fingers crossed for next year and thanks for all the hard work you have done in the past❤

What a shame hopefully next year!

Gutted, VP. We will miss you again this year very much. Keep the faith xx❤️xx

Important thing is you get well. X

Ah, what a shame 😩 I was really hoping you'd be back this year. Hope you can come back soon x

Such a shame we have had some really good weekends. Well done to you all and thank you for all the fun

I heard you had sold it as a going concern? Am I wrong ?

Such a shame, as we loved it. Thank you so much and hope there will be another in the future xxx

Such a shame. Hope you guys feel you can do it again as such a great vibe. You guys do a great wonderful job

Gutted 😭! But totally understandable. It’s tough out here. Thanks for being excellent and I hope you’ll be back in the future. I’d be happy to help as well! From the point of view as an artist & a festival goer, you’re one of the best!!

What a shame. You really carved out your own unique festival through hard work. And the most lovely people I've had the pleasure of playing for. Really hope to see you return again. Much love to you all The Novatones ❤

Ah gutting.. I was just about to get the volunteering kit ready too... Totally understand guys and for what it’s worth you ARE one of the best festivals we have been to.. Take it easy y’all x

We were wondering if there would be another this year. Thanks for the update. So sorry to hear there isn’t another VP in the pipeline but totally understand the burden it must have put in you all these past years. If there is never another one, the work you have done to raise money for local Charities and provide great family entertainment for the past few years is amazing. We have fabulous memories of the three years we came and still can’t believe we saw FLC in Yalding! 😜 thanks for the good times and your hard work!

Would have been nice to have known sooner but had already guessed it wasn’t going to happen.

What a shame we really enjoyed your festival and the hospitality you showed us was fantastic. Thank you for the memories. All our love Nancy and the Dolls (formerly Sex Pissed Dolls) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

As a regular picnicer to the vicars picnic... If you need any extra hands to help organise.. Myself and my partner will be happy to help...pls do reach out and save my name as I really do genuinely mean that.. It was and it a fantastic festival and I would love it to continue and be happy to help

A shame but I can gladly say I had some great times in the past years big thanks to all involved 😀

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6 months ago

The Vicar's Picnic

Cherish those summers full of fabulous memories and we hope to see you all again soon!

Love Team VP. X

Cherish those summers full of fabulous memories and we hope to see you all again soon! 

Love Team VP. X

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Any news on a 2020 festival??

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6 months ago

The Vicar's Picnic

Night falls * The Vicar's Picnic * 2018 ...

Night falls * The Vicars Picnic * 2018

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I'm in this photo 😂 Looking forward to being there next year

Hear hear..... LOL let's us hear the dates your coming back

Stop dangling the carrot on the string 😂

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6 months ago

The Vicar's Picnic

Thanks for all your support Picnickers! What do you think about 2020...? ...

Thanks for all your support Picnickers! What do you think about 2020...?

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Bring on those early bird tickets please

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes we needed this please skatonics need them too x

Yes Starsailor again please.

Yes please! Skatonics and coco and the butterfields please xx

Can’t come quick enough!!!

Yes, yes, yes!!

Fate the Juggler needs to be booked a great band fantastic musicians incredible songs absolutely brilliant all original songs and all written fabulously if u want a great incredible environment and atmosphere book these guys! 💯% 🎸 🎤 🎹 🎵

Bring it on!!!! So missed it this year 😔

Definitely, you need to get The Gallery’s back as well as Ladybird and Nine Below Zero and The Dualers.....sorry, got carried away 😀

Could you sign up Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Dope Lemon and French Kiwi Juice please. Oh and maybe Daniel Kitson in the comedy tent too.

Yes bring back Reef!!!!

Absolutely, we really missed the festival not happening this year. If you could get Norman Jay and the Dualers back again next year it would be the icing on the cake!

Definitely! Please save a pitch for the SNOWBAR 😎 exactly what we said last year. The festival is amazing because of the people, the organisers and the volunteers not the big acts. We danced all day long to the music from stage 2 while serving up snow cones to awesome people. I have to say tho, the dance tent was great!

Cant wait. X

SUNCHARMER are a top big stage band now - Pub in the Park last week and Truckfest next week!! Very dynamic!

bring it on for 2020! i’d love to see brand new heavies play and bring back the dance tent again.

Yes please and the Lightning Seeds are amazing live, just saying......😊

Yes please xx

I’ve never been & yes

Definitely Dualers and James

James? Travis? Reef again?

Suede please! Whatever we will be there !

👍👍 Get reef and skinny lister back again 👍👍

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3 weeks ago

Reading Festival

🤘 Want a great start to the year?👍 Grab your tickets for Reading 2020 ❤️

🤘 Want a great start to the year?👍 Grab your tickets for Reading 2020 ❤️

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Give us more than one artist and people might actually buy them 🙄

Line up.

Start the year with the first lineup 😀

Line up? Maybe you don’t want people to actually attend this year? 😂

Gallagher does nothing for me sorry

Maybe if you release a lineup 🙄

Line up???

Megan Boulton

Maybe. Just maybe. People will if you let them know who's gonna be there.

Let us know the line up first!

Bring Me The Horizon/ Travis Scott, Liam Gallagher and My Chemical Romance please!!

Reading Festival will be over by the time we get the line up


Muse it will be amazing 🤩

Pixies would be amazing! Following on from their new album...

Line up please

When are you releasing the line up please.

Just announce My Chemical Romance already. And the rest of the line up. Not going to commit to a festival where no one has been announced yet. Every year it gets later and later. Liam Gallagher was only announced because he announced it himself on his twitter.


Philly Harrison

give me the line up then i will

As soon as you announce mcr you can have my money

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4 weeks ago

Reading Festival

Happy New Year 🍻 Have a good one pals 👍 Smash out our end of year quiz while you're at it ❤️💛 ...

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Yeah but where's the line up? 🧐

Where is the line up?

Leaving it a bit late to announce and surely sell out a festival?

Line up or it didn't happen. 🎸👍

Clearly don't want anyone going to your festival this year 😂😂🙄🙄... Wheres the lineup -. - because Liam Gallagher certainly isn't making me want to go 😂😂

where's the line up?

Elisa Natali

Might have to ask for a refund at this rate! Come on reading!

It reminds me of R18’ where they took ages to announce the line-up, and it turned out to be awful.


So good seeing the foos! 🤘

Jade Little still no lineup

Line up?

Just announce my chemical romance already

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1 month ago

Reading Festival

It's Boxing Day 🎁 Get your hands on our official Reading Festival merch 🤘🤘 ...

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Line. Up.

I’ll buy a Tshirt when it has the line up on it 🙄😭

Just realease the fucking line up😡

Amy Day-McDonnell 😭😂😂😂😂

where's the line up man ffs

Kaylea Jacobs time to get this years top?😂

Line up please have you got any of the 2019 t shirts left please.

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1 month ago

Reading Festival

MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄💝 Thank you for an AMAZING 2019 💥 See you on the field next year 🎉 Check out our Instagram for the full gallery 📸

MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄💝 Thank you for an AMAZING 2019 💥 See you on the field next year 🎉 Check out our Instagram for the full gallery 📸 attachment

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Reading Festival maybe some info about line-up?

Please no Stormzy!

Can you just drop the lineup please?


3 billie eilish, 2 AJ Tracey? And a reading 20 20 line uuuuup

Just go back to the rock roots would be nice

Can't wait for Reading 2020. I'm thinking this is a hint ♥️

No thanks 🙄

👀👀👀 she might be back

Jasmine Ives hinting at 2020?

Wow nice

Why is it taking so long for the 2020 line up?????😭

Sure I saw the line up back in November... not even going this year line up looks pants 😞

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1 month ago

Reading Festival

Oi Oi, 12 Days of Christmas presented by us 🎅🤪 FEATURING Yungblud, The Amazons AND MORE 🤘🤘 Let's get this to Christmas number 1 🏆 Tickets for 2020 on sale now 🎟️ ...

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We just want the lineup Preferably : BMTH Foals MCR Biffy But I’ll take anything at this point. Even fucking nickelback just give us something.

when can we have the line up???

Why bother posting anything? You know the replies will just be 'lineup already' No one cares about anything else you post lol

When are you going to To see the line up for next year please.

Well that was boring haha

Line up anytime soon?......

Just announce the line up this is getting boring now!! Liam Gallagher is enough to ask for a refund so far


Dylan Ahmed wheres the line up tho

Katie Brittain

Lineup please!

Talena Muss

Lmao everyone begging for the line up - im just praying MCR dont get announced before payday 😣

Fucks sake. Line up or shut up.

Porco dio annunciate sti my chem ooooooOOOOOOOO

How about a lineup? Announce one artist each day, maybe? There should be something by NOW...

Bethany Nicholls why is everything your man says so funny?! Stupid accent 😂😂😂😂 xx

Leah Holmes

stop this nonsense lads where’s the lineup


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