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Two months until we are back with our favourite people! ️️️

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Two months until we are back with our favourite people! ️️️

Two months until we are back with our favourite people! ❤️❤️❤️



25 Responses

  1. Henry Coomber says:

    Sids ‘ash’ Sidey Paul Pinch

  2. Kerrie Eggleton says:

    Ahem Charlotte Searle… just sayyyyin! x

  3. Hannah Laker says:

    Reanna Sbuttoni Maria Palmer!!!!!!

  4. Tom Ingrams says:

    Ella apart from me

  5. Abi Wooding says:

    Kim Hilditch 🙌🙌👍😁💃

  6. Michael Geoffrey says:

    Geoff Baker

  7. John Gunne says:

    Yo Melvin! Take a leaf out of farmer Eavis’s book and get Jeremy Corbyn along to the festival! Glasto’ still has that middle-class reputation, it’d probably mean more to have him a at Reading.

  8. Anita Jones says:

    Ffion Gaylard

  9. Luke Upson says:

    Kelly Upson

  10. Hope Joyce says:

    Chelsea Lentell

  11. Kat Gater says:

    Both my kids are so looking forward to reading as it will be they first time going.. So glad I can do this with my kiddos xxx

  12. Lauren Jones says:

    Lacey Evans Meggie Rogers Shannon Rebecca

  13. Gaz-Almighty Phillips says:

    Rikki Coneley

  14. Caroline Mullen says:

    Katherine Mullen

  15. Katie Ellen Sills says:

    Sophie 2 months!!! 🙈🙈🙈

  16. Karl-Johan Wistrand says:

    Jonas Johansson 😍😍

  17. Karen Sif says:

    Guðrún María Gunnarsdóttir Jon Gunnar Gunnarsson wohoo

  18. Lewis Goodridge says:

    Scott CannanGavin SmithLewis Rogers 🍻🍻😂

  19. Jade Kearns says:

    Rhianne Chambers sort it out!!!!!

  20. Connor Roberts says:

    Reeve Heggie Thomas Hughes not long

  21. Josh Casswell says:

    Sarah Suzanne Casswell Phillip Mellor Tiger Lilly

  22. James Bryan says:

    Mike Coombes!!😁😁

  23. Luke Brown says:

    Matt Hughes Joe Shaw Michael Aresu Lauren Eve Timmington Oliver O’Ryan Alex Bird George McGovern Can’t wait 😃😃😃😃

  24. Dani Bernie says:

    Daniel Wildash

  25. Doris Armstrong says:

    Rosie Lewis
    Lily Lewis

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