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Latest update from Tramlines

🚨 NEW FOR 2019! 🚨
Introducing the Speaker’s Corner for Tramlines 2019! Curated in partnership with Sheffield’s own poet laureate Otis Mensah



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2 days ago


Saturday Ticket Warning 👀 We've sold 95% of our final Saturday tickets, these will be gone before the end of next week! ...

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Leanne Keeling nearly sold out 😉

Aaron Wilmot selling out fast son

Adam Howson Daniella Thompson

Whats the prices like once your inside ?

Jake Butterfield we need to get them if we going!!!

Owen Thompson

Janet Cartwright

Jonny Gething

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3 days ago


Definitely us in a few years 😂 ...

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Dempsey Hastie

Ashley Kay

this'll be me in my mobility scooter at Glasto if I don't sort my knee out

Knees are fine ...its the hips that are fked lpl

Mathew Duff after 7 days of me on your shoulders dox #shred

I’ve got no chance with your car. Seen how bad it was last week

It looks like mum. Will probably be like that in a few years.

Daniel Kelly this will be you at Creamfields when you’re 80

Hope so! But maybe with still good knees so I can still shuffle the floor to death 🖤

Amy McFadyen Molly Mcfadyen We can yell at people cause we can’t see

We don't festival it up, but this will literally be you wherever you go 🤣🤣 Annie Swann

Ed more like 2020 while Gerry Cinnamon is killing it

Layla Burnand-wright

Eimear Ní Bhroin Klare Ceenan more like me in 2019 last night of sziget with my bad knees

Sam Alexandra Elissa... can we take these to bass?

Donna Roberts shall we get a duo seat??

In 2079 I’ll be 100. See you all there

No Rachel, it looks like Steve 😂🤣😂

André Kunert das ist der Michael Klaas in 40 Jahren auf der Nature One😂

Charlotte Van de Ponseele

Yodak toi et moi à 80 ans 😘

Wait,... is that the Ponderosa, or Dev Green ?

Us at a festival in 2020 Craig Wilcox we love a nice sit x

Ah reyt idea, that's me right now

That’s me now 😂. That will be us at ocean beach in our inflatable rings 😎⛱😂

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4 days ago


Really chuffed to have these names and so much more at Tramlines 2020 🎉 Who are you most excited to see? ...

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Announce Milburn

Same ole....

Catfish, the Kooks, Madness, Dizzee Rascal and seeing bands I don’t really know: looking forward to it 🤗


Catfish and bottlemen and madness!!!

The Reytons ❤

Madness, Ian brown reytons, kooks, twisted wheel and many more !


The Kooks x

Teresa Clayton ian brown defs😂 ya gonna have time of ya life

Dizzy Rascal


Can’t wait to see the DMAS! Xx

Ian Brown!

Mollie Brown who are you most excited to see 🤔

No one this year ( in the past have been spoiled ) - but being positive that's kind of ok / good as it allows for discovering bands may not have necessarily rated before. Still hoping second announcement might bring a favourite into the mix.


When is the app out

Ian! 😍😍😍

non n ive Got weekend Tickets

Helen Sargeant

Rachel Williams

Ian 🍋

Madness, Dizzie & Ian Brown. But looking forward to the additional acts announcements!

Ian 🍋❤️

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5 days ago


Looking for a place to kip? 😴 We've partnered up with Host - Central Quay to offer you guys some decently priced accommodation packages for Tramlines 2020. FYI, these rooms are very limited > ...

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Ben Massey

Emily Andrew potential

🎵We also have a few rooms left‼️ 👏🏻Transportation is also available 👏🏻

Olivia Farrar

Chelsea Siddall

Samantha Ali-Johnson

Tracy Bartle

Rachel Bower

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6 days ago


Remind you of anyone? 👀 ...

Remind you of anyone? 👀

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Adam Roberts Emily Jones this should be you guys🍻🍻

Jo Turner if this ain't you

Holly it's you!!! X

Jenzen Gray ibizia

Nicole Williams you

Tara Whitworth I’ve never seen a meme so apt!

Lee Ball This

Carl Brewster this is you this year

Francesco Florian ti odio

Why does this remind me of you Daniel Frederick Schofield??! 😂

Errrr Alice Hall

Only festival I go to is Tramlines

Beth Pilkington New instead of it saying friends it should say "also me"

Jack Wagstaffe Michael Phillips You two ☝️

Daniel Hall this is me when you ask me to go to a festival 😂

Oliver Bromley ,this is you !!!!

Ami Grace Peaty Becca Robinson that’s me and Decky Ewins yday with you both hahah! 😩😂 last few weeks in melbs

Ria Stokes Emily Drake “lets go everywhere”

Ben Richard Thomas Witton reminds me of someone I know 🤔

Jack Nevill Rebecca Bradley us 3 this weekend

Hayley Tait us

Jaimee Oakley YOU!!!!

Lally Moon this is so you!!

This is me but you never give in Alex Millard 😭

Katie Eaton concerts*

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