Tomorrow in the build up to Reading Festival, Pulled Apart by Horses will be taking over our Twitter account from 7pm.




  1. Scammers Alert!!!!! Here are the names I’ve collected so far (all of them have stolen money from people on this page): Clair Davies, Clair Foster, Paula Danni Davis, Paula Gardner, Richard Burland, Nadira Larmit and Tarik El Adel, Claudia Fragapane, Harry Pike, Jack Javage Savage, Connor Watkins, Darren Fredericks, Anna Chevenko (who will refer you to Viv Jones) and Jess Anna Jessica. For those who are asking me – I was scammed by Clair Foster (who later changed her name to Davies). It’s not fun losing the money you worked hard to earn and to give up the festival. This is why I’m doing everything I can to warn you here. From this point – it is all your decision…

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