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Today we are all theirs.

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Today we are all theirs.

Today we are all theirs.



25 Responses

  1. Irmak Büyükutku says:

    Utku Palamutçu 🙁

  2. Utku Palamutçu says:

    Irmak Büyükutku fuckkk, sahne onu adami ozledim su an yine <3

  3. Laura Frncrt says:


  4. Emma Fowler says:

    Im sooooooooooooooooooo jealous

  5. Carolyn Turner says:

    Can’t wait! 🙂

  6. James Jones says:

    Mikey Mather fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  7. Beth Prescott says:

    TODAY Olivia Flitcroft

  8. Maryann Charlton says:

    Excited muchly see u soon xxx

  9. Louisa Marie Parrott says:

    Cannot wait! Love them

  10. Dena Kaplan says:

    Belle Hermione 😥😥😥

  11. Karin Levy says:

    Every day we are all theirs.

  12. Lauren Blake says:

    Wanting 2 Sunday day tickets !!

  13. Marianne Allen says:

    watching it on the tele!!!!!wish i was there though …

  14. Becky Churchyard says:

    David Jones – are you excited!?!?!? 😝😝😝

  15. Junko Libertine says:

    Anoushka Dunne xxxx

  16. Nikki Burniston says:

    Anyone got 3 tickets for today?

  17. Sam Smith says:

    Joe Harris

  18. Roseanna Chew says:

    I’m excited to see the TV coverage of The Arctic Monkeys perform later today on BBC Three will be great!

  19. Tania Hynard says:

    Anyone know what time set will finish? Stuck at home with virus so watching on BBC3 but picking family up at end

  20. Valeria Augusta Cavalcanti says:

    please, stream to all world!!! I’m in Brazil!!! I cannot stay with you

  21. Annabel Given says:

    Festival crowd not a patch on titp havnt a bounce between them all yawn!

  22. Maxine Halligan says:

    OMG arctics where fantastic whooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  23. Mariana Burciaga says:

    Imelda Cardenas *tears*

  24. Aris Aguirre says:

    Karla Rojas’ I’m crying :'( what happen next? Pta madre :c

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