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Today 7.30pm. Festival Republic Stage….

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Today 7.30pm. Festival Republic Stage….

Today 7.30pm. Festival Republic Stage.
Guess who…



25 Responses

  1. Adam Manfield says:


  2. George Coffey says:

    Probably the most upset I have been in years. 1 year I don’t go

  3. Andrew Adams says:

    Rob Zombie

  4. Christine Sweet says:

    I knew it! Gutted the one year I don’t go πŸ™ oh well got tickets to see him in Southampton anyway πŸ™‚

  5. Nicola McIvor says:

    Graeme McIvor we should be there! 😩😭

  6. Graeme Andrew Parker says:

    Is that Jamie T?

  7. William Forshaw says:

    Who the hell is Jamie T? Never heard of him mate….

  8. Emma Purdy says:

    Jamie t? I can’t see him on the line up?

  9. Adam Gordon says:

    Is he the arena sized band?

  10. Connor Steepe says:

    Jamie T

  11. Frankie Bowhay says:


  12. Hayley Daly says:

    Arena sized band? There was I thinking The Prodigy…pah πŸ™

  13. Matt Lav says:

    Jamie t is bullshit! Doesn’t he play pubs now

  14. Matt Wynde says:

    Chris Knight

  15. James Gingell says:

    Die antwood

  16. Kane Paul Ronald Beere says:

    They never said an arena sized band would play, they said ‘arena sized bands enquired about last a minute secret sets’

    It is misleading though, I mean.. If an arena sized band want a do a secret set, surely the festival would only benefit from letting them, considering they fill arenas.

    Or maybe, just maybe… There was never any arena sized bands or there is very misguided views on arenas. Jamie T is sick though, not arena filling, but good!

  17. Darren Paul Generalovic says:

    Sticks and stones

  18. Charlotte Webb says:

    Samantha Mulock

  19. Adam Jarvis says:

    Terri Anne Williams

  20. Joe Marck says:

    That is the big surprise ‘arena act?’ What a massive disappointment ..

  21. Jonny Ryman says:


  22. Leah 'Suggsy' Rix says:

    Well fucked off I missed this! Damn lack of signal in the arena!

  23. Rachel Sneade says:

    Chloe Jervis WHAT

  24. Chloe Jervis says:

    I think I’m going to cry. WHERE WERE WE????? Rachel Sneade

  25. Conor Prior says:

    I would have missed it, luckily i was taking a piss in the urinals next to the fest rep stage at the right time

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