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24 Responses

  1. Sarah Streton says:

    Laura Marie Dufke Amalie Jeppesen

  2. Charlie Gibbons says:

    Charlotte Dacre

  3. Ethan Jones says:

    Poor effort!

  4. Emma Bessant says:

    Carey Andrews

  5. John GD says:


  6. Helen Caddick says:

    Alison Jayne Caddick

  7. Marina Sousa says:

    Bruno Cardoso já começa

  8. Dom Banham says:

    What were you thinking…

  9. Chris Stanford says:

    Tom Ellis Evans Alex Marshall Jay Tranter not really sold here

  10. Amber Reed says:

    Sam Booker

  11. Jake Kenny-Byrne says:

    Ollie HickeyChristian Repole

  12. Michael Raspini says:

    Metallica, So fucking stoked. BRING IT ON!

  13. Erika Dahlen says:

    pierce the veil❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌😋💩 Synne Svinsås Gjønnes

  14. Zoe Milbourn says:

    Molly KnightLauren Hobson

  15. Meagan McCabe says:

    Adam Symons he knew I missed him 😉

  16. Cloe Kay says:

    Cant even contain my feels right now, looking forward to the rest of the line up! 🙈

  17. Moon Fulcher says:

    Always use the glastonbury headliners of the previous year. Sort it out!

  18. Ashley Blackwood Slater says:

    omg Metallica and ptv

  19. Connor Jenkins says:

    Ellouise, you jealous??

  20. Jasmine Haakerson says:

    Jake Packer Jamie T tho

  21. Tom Scott says:

    Fucking dire

  22. Darryl Quested says:

    Refused 👌

  23. Antony Waterson says:

    I missed jamie ts secret gig this year so will take him. like them or bit metallica are bloody awesome live.

  24. Claire Davison says:

    Ryan Tinsley xx

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