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This year’s Reading Festival essentials:…

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This year’s Reading Festival essentials:…

This year’s Reading Festival essentials:

1. Your breakfast in a bottle. Weetabix On The Go



25 Responses

  1. Sam Reeve says:

    Where’s the can of strongbow?

  2. Oliver Maddrell says:

    Advertising this to a bunch of young people who will probably just want to believe that they can have this in place of some actual food is a horrendously bad idea.

    Good luck with all the collapsing.

  3. Jason MacDonald says:

    Ewww… no thanks. 💩😖🤒

  4. Neil Addy says:

    Sam Addy

  5. Sara McLuckie says:

    Liquid weetabix…. Why??

  6. Pennie Spruhan says:

    It’s actually really nice 😊

  7. Katie Allen says:

    Matt Bishop

  8. Jon Wells says:

    Hardly a breakfast. Had one today and now off for a full English!

  9. Tony Yates says:

    Dirty burger and a pint of snakebite

  10. Georgina Jones says:

    Zoe Daisy we forgot flower crown

  11. Maz Williams says:

    200cal/20g of sugar for 250ml… Might as well stick to cider!

  12. Lynn Lock says:

    Looks rank 👎👎😖

  13. James Ball says:

    Adverts inside adverts

  14. Hannah Louise says:

    The only essential I see is the neon paint Jack Kyle James

  15. Sarah Morrow says:

    Cameron O’Hagan

  16. Dave Morait says:


    This isn’t V Festival


  17. Josh James says:


  18. Peter Stewart says:

    this fb page is rank

  19. Ben Rist says:

    Im so excited for this – my first official festival and I get to spend the weekend with my bestie Kim Hargreaves…. #fuckyes.

  20. Alex Brill says:

    Haha Jade Perkins i found a way for your to have your cereal

  21. Maria Coll says:

    Romy Norgrove oh my god

  22. Joe Morley says:

    Jonny Young crikey nearly forgot..

  23. Dean Bannister says:

    Can of lager is my brekkie at reading

  24. Jade Magner says:

    Tony Harrison you should get some shakes x

  25. Olive Bates says:

    When are time a being announced??

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