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This Friday!

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This Friday!

This Friday!



22 Responses

  1. Alex Banks says:

    Shame SWS suck.

  2. Inês Harrison says:


  3. Melanie Jane says:

    Cheyenne Sammons

  4. Susan Fitzgerald says:

    Weekend early bird ticket for sale

  5. Matt Duguid says:

    Khloi Lightyear

  6. Hannah Thomas says:

    Where are my tickets? 🙂

  7. Christina Poole says:

    Weekend ticket for sale PM me

  8. Fiona Loy says:

    Tanahya Nash

  9. Emma Bailey says:

    When are the tickets being sent?

  10. Peter Johnson says:

    Bonni Price ticket for sale in this thread

  11. Emma Bailey says:

    Thank you alexia Stewart. ..will eagerly await the post tomorrow then x

  12. Khloi Lightyear says:

    Matt Duguid they’re having a close and intimate show in London the Thursday of reading I might sneak off festival grounds to go I’m sure it’s only a train and tube journey away haha x

  13. Emelie Larsson says:

    Roxy Smith 😘

  14. Alistair Millen says:

    Looking to buy 2x weekend ticket, message me

  15. Emma Kingston says:

    Bethany Kingston

  16. Sophie Mulrooney says:

    Omg omg omg 😱 Chloe Thomas

  17. Tazz Edwards says:

    I’d rather they didn’t

  18. Jack Gibbs says:

    anyone selling a weekend ticket?

  19. Alex Baker-Scott says:

    anyone else not got their tickets yet?

  20. Josh Fear says:

    Anyone selling a weekend ticket in East Sussex? John Reeves

  21. Rachel Buckley says:

    Anyone looking to buy a Reading full weekend ticket plus early entry?

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