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  1. Disgusted! My daughter and friend went yesterday purely to see Twenty One Pilots. Sat for 6 hours to get their spot. The band were in a tent, too small for crowds. Everyone pushing, she passed out from the overcrowding, got carried out and missed the band! she was taken to a welfare tent. Her friend and mum spent one hour trying to find her and none of the stewards had a clue what the procedure was for this sort of thing. She was safe but very upset. Reading festival should be held responsible for this sort of disorganisation. This is a popular band or don’t they realise this. Their stewards had no procedures around situations of such. Not all festival goers are there to just party and regardless of that the festival should be putting the safety of people first!!! She is devastated she didn’t even get to see her favourite band play because of the lack of proper organisation of reading festival! They should have been outside on an outdoor stage!!!

  2. I wasn’t in the tent for 21 Pilots but it was pretty hectic down at the front of the main stage – and yes the stewards didnt really seem to have a clue and certainly no way of communicating when someone was in trouble, which I would have thought was basic

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