The Guardian festival blog: ‘You can wee in a catsuit!’: Perfume Genius’ festival tips | Music

My boyfriend insists on bringing his acoustic guitar to the festival and breaking into a bit of Shape of You on the campsite. Should I dump him? Christine, Oxford
Yes, 100%. I actually like Shape of You, it’s just the breaking out of an acoustic guitar I don’t like. I feel like I can tell when someone’s about to do that without even seeing the guitar; I just spot a guy with a soft, downy bun and multiple thin necklaces. But yes, drop him, avoid him and you should also call the police.

Any tips for going to the toilet while wearing a catsuit at a festival? Janis, London
Good catsuits should have multiple zippers; they’ll have a top and a bottom one. I think just invest really; get yourself a good one. You don’t have to fully unzip it and get all the way out of it, but it doesn’t have a little butt flap or anything, either. It’s still chic.

Suzi Quatro’s 1974 catsuit look

‘Good catsuits should have multiple zippers’; Suzi Quatro’s…


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