The Guardian festival blog: Wollombi music festival bans Wicked Camper vans over ‘misogynistic’ slogans | Australia news

Wollombi music festival in northern New South Wales has banned “pathetically unfunny and misogynistic” Wicked Camper vans from their 2019 event – the latest in a series of actions taken against the car hire company.

Wicked Camper, known for courting controversy, has a range of camper vans available across the country emblazoned with provocative graffiti and images. Since 2009, according to the Advertising Standards Bureau, more than 70 of them have been subject to complaints for messaging deemed to be offensive to women, LGBT communities and others.

The website doesn’t release images of which vans are currently in circulation, but there are hundreds available, with past slogans including: “A wife: an attachment you screw on the bed to get the housework done”; “I don’t like small cars or real big women but sometimes I always find myself in them”; “A man would be interested in a woman’s mind if it bounced…


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