The Guardian festival blog: Why does cinema struggle to recreate the music festival? | Film

When it comes to music festivals, we tend to only remember the highs – so let new comedy The Festival remind you what you’re not missing. Partly filmed at last year’s Leeds festival, it is brought to you by the makers of The Inbetweeners movies and stars Joe Thomas, which should already give you a clue: long drops, mud, bodily fluids, crowds, anxiety, confusion. “I just want to go home, have a proper shower and a poo,” says Thomas in the trailer. This is the festival experience as it really is – somewhere between a dream trip and a prison sentence. But, so often, cinema fails to capture that spirit.

You can see why the setting appeals to film-makers: spectacle, energy, youth, a cast of thousands – none of which you had to engineer yourself. But the key danger of using a music festival as a backdrop is that it is more interesting than the frontdrop. That has been the case with recent efforts such as last…


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