The Guardian festival blog: Why are men at Australian music festivals wearing the same shirt? | Nadine von Cohen | Fashion

Fashion has been integral to music festivals since Woodstock, and festival dressing around the world tends to exemplify the trends of the times. When I started going to festivals, it was all petticoat dresses, Pennywise T-shirts and seasonally inappropriate velvet. These days it’s short shorts, floral playsuits and culturally appropriated tribal headwear.

This cultural codependence peaks annually at Coachella, as the world’s biggest music artists frolic with fashion’s biggest influencers and everyone else tries to get a look-in. I’ve heard some women start planning their Coachella outfits as soon as tickets go on sale. I can barely plan my outfit for tomorrow.

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This summer, at music festivals across Australia, an even stranger sartorial phenomenon has emerged. It seems hundreds of male punters have been rocking up to festivals in exactly. The…


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